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Ilovecarnivall is a Caribbean Media Company based in London UK.

AIM   The overall aim is to help promote the Caribbean culture internationally and showcase the rich cultural diversity of our Caribbean islands through music, interviews, festivals, band launches and of course carnivals!

CARNIVALS    To date, Ilovecarnivall has participated in carnivals in 16 different countries around the world, some multiple times.  They include; Trinidad, Brazil, London UK, Japan, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Haiti, Germany, The Netherlands, Antigua,  USA, Jamaica, Canada, Switzerland, China.

FESTIVALS    Ilovecarnivall has attended and covered Caribbean based/influenced events in various countries; Soca in Japan, The Ibiza Soca Festiva (Spain), Uber Soca Cruise (Miami, Haiti) , Summerjam Reggae Festival (Germany) , Swiss Soca Festival (Switzerland).

PRESS COVERAGE   Amongst others, Ilovecarnivall has officially been given permission to cover Salvador Carnival 2018 (Brazil), Notting Hill Carnival  2018 (London, UK) and Antigua Carnival (2019)

INTERVIEWS  To date, Ilovecarnivall has conducted over 50 interviews with artists, managers, DJs, promoters and designers of the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora. They have included;

Grammy Award Winner Koffee (Jamaica),  Kes The Band (Trinidad) , Patrice Roberts (Trinidad)  Nailah Blackman (Trinidad),  Mr Killa (Grenada), Koffee (Jamaica), Kassav (Martinique, Guadeloupe), Lavaman (Grenada) , Pumpa (Virgin Islands), T-Vice (Haiti), Teddyson John (St.Lucia) , DJ Puffy Barbados), Private Ryan (Trinidad), Turner (Trinidad) , Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent) , Edwin Yearwood (Barbados), Esy Kennenga (Martinique)  Dr Jay (Trinidad, Toronto) , Martin Jay (Dominica, UK) and many more…

SPONSORED   Ilovecarnivall has sponsored events and activities internationally;  Japan Carnaval (2017), Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Japan Tour (2018), Soca in Japan (2018, 2019), Ibiza Soca Festival (2018) , RDR (Ongoing), Addicted to Fitness (Onguing), Intensity Sweat (2018)

CONTACT  editor@ilovecarnivall.co.uk, christieac4@gmail.com

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