Hello, welcome to Ilovecarnivall!

Ilovecarnivall is based in London, England.  As it says in the title, I love carnival! Passionate about it! Ilovecrnivall is a lover of all things carnival related; being on the carnival route, the costumes, the music, j’ourvert,  parties and the various band launches. I have participated in carnivals and related events (locally and internationally) over many years. One interest is how this part of Caribbean culture is interpreted all over the world across cultures. Although some parts are very similar and familiar (such as being on a public road and some form of costume ), there are always some cultural differences which makes each experience unique. It is these differences which are interesting. As well as having a damn great time with friends! That feeling never gets old!

Ilovecarnivall’s second interest is the music and general culture of the Caribbean.  Can you believe it?  This little area of ours, our Caribbean has produced such varied music; soca, reggae, bashment, zouk, kompas, reggaeton, bouyon and others.  I love having conversations with the respective artists, producers, production teams, managers and others in the entertainment industry; to get their insights on what they do and how they do it.  So far, it’s been an amazing journey of revelations.

What is this space about?

This space is primarily ilovecarnivall exploring the culture of carnival and music of the Caribbean, as well as other adventures such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Most of the time, adventures are shared with various friends.  They are the fun loving, will try almost anything, crazy about life sort so there are always funny and interesting stories.

Why have this space?

So this page came about because of a couple of friends.  They were seriously curious about the interest in carnival. They couldn’t understand why carnival was liked so much and thought it would be a good idea to write about it. Personally, I think it is just a way of them keeping track of me but there you have it. I wrote about my experiences, they loved it, told other people about it, they loved it and it snowballed from there.

What can Ilovecarnivall offer you?

The offer is to share experiences, conversations and stories with you.  That is it really. The stories of Ilovecarnivall and friends as we check out new carnivals and carnival related events, the stories of the people I meet and have conversations with.

I like writing. So although there will be photos and videos, the written word is my vehicle for communication. Carnival and music conversations for the moment will dominate here. But do not be surprised if other things pop up. I might think ‘Oh I wanna do this or go there and write about it’.

I won’t be telling stories of my going to the usual well known carnivals and fetes in the UK  or internationally (unless something really crazy and fun happens).  However, I could direct you to some good teams and websites (nationally and internationally) who cover these events if you are wanting to know more.

How can you get in touch? 

If you have any further questions or comments or you just want to drop a note to say hey, you can get in touch at editor@ilovecarnivall.co.uk

Thank you for visiting!