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An Interview With Sekon Sta

An Interview With Sekon Sta


Sekon Sta is a character, I will tell you that much. I had the opportunity to interview him whilst in Antigua for carnival this year. He had me laughing throughout the interview with his quick witted responses. I didn’t know that much about him at all except that I liked his song Kings & Queen (2016) and  Aye Yo (2017).  It was a good opportunity to find out more about this artist.

What is your name? My real name is Nesta Boxill. My father was one of the more prolific entertainers, Dennis Williams Franklyn (Merchant). One of the pioneers of soca. He was a star, hence my name Sekon Star.

Did you always want to become a singer? No I wanted to become an astronaut [laughter] I’m joking. I don’t think I chose this, I think this chose me. So I am happy to be here.

So how did you come into this? I don’t think I had a choice. My father was an entertainer so I had no choice. I just followed his footsteps.

What has been your proudest moment so far in your music career? I have so many proud moments. Umm really thinking about it, there are so many but last night was an amazing experience, coming to Antigua. It is not somewhere I frequent and to see the love and the reception I got was real nice. That was absolutely amazing to me because they could direct their love elsewhere. And this has been happening consistently right now for me so this right now is the best moment.

Have you been working more internationally now? I have been, more so than home, home being Trinidad and Tobago.

Has that been one of your aims? To work more internationally? That has just happened that way but I think every artist wants their music to reach as far as possible.

How would you categorize yourself? As a soca artist? An artist? I categorize myself as a Caribbean influenced artist. That means anything of the Caribbean genre, mainly soca? You will find Sekon Sta.

You would be happy to perform dancehall? Of course. I would be happy to lend my talent to anything that is the best of the Caribbean and what it sounds like.

If you had to describe your sound, what would it sound like? What is Sekon Sta’s sound? Well, I am the young hype of the Caribbean. The high energy, full of vibes. I am that, when you hear that vocal, it immediately makes you feel to dance, it makes you feel to wine, it makes you feel to hold on to a woman, call back that woman you missing. I am that hype voice.

Have you always wanted to be that way? I mean that way is me. The character you hear in the music is me. I become my true character on stage. Me off stage is me conforming to the rules of society. But on stage I make my own rules.

If you had to collaborate with anyone, who would you collaborate with? Patrice, answer your phone please… [laughter] Everybody, everybody with flavour. At the end of the day, when you mix sugar with almost anything, it makes it better. So me being the by product of cane juice, anything you mix me with just works, you understand?

Thinking about you in reference to music, what do you think your strengths are? Well definitely not Instagram. I don’t do that enough. I think my strength is presence. When I take a stage, you have no choice but to focus on me cause I think I have a wonderful impromptu ability so that is something that stands out. At the end of the day, some people have nice vocals, some people have the smooth vocals. I have the vibe vocals.

What do you think you need to work on? Instagram. Social media. So anyone out there who is willing to take me from 25 followers to a 1 million, call me cause the music is doing as though I have a million. Who wants to work, I’ll give you a beautiful bonus, if you can prove your worth [laughter].

Have you found it difficult in the music industry to advance? Well the beautiful thing is that I exist in the world industry. Even though there might be little obstacles, I never see anyone that blocks the whole world. Everywhere has challenges.

Do you do any writing? I write all. I have a hand in all at least.

Thinking about you as an artist, where do you see yourself in five years time or so? You ever look up? And you see the sun? And you see it blazing in all its glory? I want to be right next to it. The sun is over yourself at least 12 hours a day. So it doesn’t get more global than the sun.

Would you want to represent soca? Or more? Well I mean if Bob Marley was a hip hop artist, I would have done more [laughter] but that is what they turn to me for. They can get a vibe off me. I am fundamentally the sound of the hype Caribbean. I am the voice for the girls and the women.

Is there anyone who has the same sound as you? They can’t have the same sound as me. Skinny Fabulous is a hype artist. Well Skinny is a different kind of hype. How so? Skinny is real hype? And you are not real hype? I am hype right. What’s the difference between the two? There’s a fundamental difference man. Big up Skinny with his fabulous self.

What has been your favourite song to perform? All, every sound is different. But there must be one that makes you think ‘Yeah’. No I love all my children like a great mother. Let’s think about it another way. What song has been most influential? Has changed your career in some way? Oh that will be the first hit song, the will be the best. But I fed up of performing it [laughter]. I been performing it for three years four years now, the people still want to hear it. But I still love it though.

You say you’re a hype man. Would you prefer a groovy or power? I like the middle ground. I like the merge. I like the songs that make the women feel sexy not sweaty. What type of song is that? My songs. [laughter]

So you’re the artist who won’t make the ladies sweat too much in a fete? Nah man, you don’t want them to sweat too much, you want them to fete much. You have to find the right balance.

So you’re an artist for the ladies? Men support me and I appreciate that. You know what I realize? Guys who don’t have flavour with women don’t favour my music. But a man who understands, who appreciates a woman, appreciate Sekon Sta highly. Cause I am that guy, when I come to the party, if you wasn’t getting a wine whole night, you getting a wine cause I reach. I not coming for forwards, for hands in the air. I coming to see the girls wine their rear. That is what I come for. So those who appreciate me appreciate woman.

Do you ever change the way you perform in the different islands? A leopard can never change its spots. But it can change the way it hunts. You have to adapt to your environment. I will always be a leopard so when you come to me, you come for a certain style. He approach to the style may be different.

What is your plan for the next year? I always thinking about songs.

Sekon Sta, a proper Caribbean Man.  One that made me laugh a lot in his interview. Just listening back to the recording of our conversation, I was laughing. He is cocky one, that one. Full of confidence and a smooth talker. But he is totally serious about his music. Don’t get it twisted. From seeing his performances in Antigua and Grenada to his performances on Ubersoca Cruise, already there are salient differences.  There is a bit more polish, he is working more of the stage. And looks like Patrice answered her phone since our conversation in Antigua.  Currently, he has collaborated with her on the tune ‘My Side’ for the 2019 season. He also has a second single out ‘I swear’ on the Twin Flame Riddim.  Can’t wait to see how his career unfolds.

For more information, please visit Sekon Sta on Instagram, Face Book, Itunes and Sound Cloud. All images are taken from Sekon Sta’s Instagram Page and used with his consent.

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