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An Interview With Turner: The Conscious Artist

An Interview With Turner: The Conscious Artist


The first time I heard Turner’s voice on ‘She Bad’ last year, I wanted to interview him. Voices and deliveries like that don’t come from easy living. His voice reminds me of Buju’s. It has a real conscious vibe to it. And yet, there is an element that is distinctively Turner. I wanted to learn more about him.

Trevon Turner’s challenging early life is no secret. But his musical talent and quiet determination now has an audience worldwide which is steadily growing. This year, being on the popular Upendo and  Folklore Riddims with his distinctive voice, his recognition and popularity has grown further.  We catch Turner just after his performance at the Candy Mas Band Launch in London UK.

What made you decide to come to London in the first place?  Well the music brought me here.  I did not decide to come to London, London brought me here.  London realised that the music is nice and I was booked like any other artist.  I am glad for the opportunity, the experience to see another place.

I know bit about your past. It’s a long journey you have had.  A journey is something you learn from as well.  By the grace of God, I am thankful for good and bad days at the same time. You just have to know how to get along with it.

When I hear your voice, I think of Buju, that very conscious style.  Yeah a lot of people tell me that I sound like other artists.  Respect to these artists, but I am still me

If you had to describe your music, how would you describe it?   A vibration kind of music. Elevating kind of music. Happy music.

But your vibe seems to be very calm very level.  Would you ever do like power soca?  Nah, big up to power soca but I only like power soca when I in a fete.  But I am not into the performing of power soca.

When you’re on stage you give it 100%.  It that normally you?  Well any performance you have, you have to give it your all, 500 or 5 people you still have to give it your all.

You’ve had a good journey so far.  What has been your best moment?  Best moment? Every moment. There is no moment I can say has been the best moment because you only have one life.  If you only pick one moment, then something is wrong. I believe that every day, you take in the theme, you thank the father above that you wake up. That is a moment by itself.  Be grateful for whatever the day brings forth.

Do you write your own songs?  Yes.  So where do you get your inspiration to write your songs?   From within.  Music is from within.  Strong music, powerful music, elevating music comes from within. My music, that from here [Turner puts his hand on his chest].  That is always from here.  The interview is interrupted by fans who want to take a picture. He is very gracious,poses and comes back to the interview. He apologises.  Sorry but respect to the people who support the thing you know?  You need them and they need you. One hand doe clap.

Were there other things you wanted to do besides music? Well there are other things I could have pursued but what is for you is for you. When you have something that is for you, everyone can see that is it. Music is for me

Is there anyone in particular you would like to collab with?  I say by the grace of God wherever the music take me I’m grateful.  I’d be grateful to collab with artists like Damian Gong, Chronixx, Calypso Rose, Super Blue.

What are your future plans? Future plans?  I have no future plans.  I go by the grace of God cause I say that tomorrow is not mine. Next month is not mine.  The fans return as their pics was deleted and Turner again poses for pics.  After this, I return home to go to New York.

What’s your favourite part?  The performing? The writing? The singing?  Everything.  There is not one you prefer to the other? I prefer the performing but with a band.  With a band you can do anything. You can stop, you can talk, and you can slow it down.  I love performing to people and see them singing as well. A response is a positive thing for me.

Would you consider doing any other music besides soca? Nah I do reggae music. I am not saying I can’t do pop music.  It’s just that everything takes time.

You’re very much a man of patience.  Yeah I not rushing into anything you know.  Things take time. Anything you have to build… even a mango tree before it gets and looks nice and the mangoes sweet, it takes time. You have to monitor it and make sure it grows well. You don’t know who is who out there. At the end of the day you are pursuing your thing and a next man comes… try to throw you off balance. And if your rush into things, you can crash.  I don’t want to crash.

Where do you get your strength from?  Things that are important in your life. I have loved one who I care about. The strength is knowing where I come from.  Family, poverty.  Poverty is something that builds you too. Anything negative can become a positive but you have to push it further.

It was so cool meeting  this guy. He has a real calm, conscious vibe to him. Turner sang his heart out at the Candy Mas band launch. And his voice and performance style tells his story;  Old heart in a young man, gritty, humble who is giving it his all. His shoes laces become untied on stage and his fans happily tie up his shoe laces for him. Turner is all about patience.  He is ready to work for what he wants.  But he is also ready to wait for more blessings to follow. Wait King, wait. More blessings to come.

For more information on Turner, please visit Turner on Facebook and turnerofficially on instagram. Many thanks to biggie_wuk for the photography.

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