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Barbados Cropover: Canboulay!!!

Barbados Cropover: Canboulay!!!

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I enjoyed the Canboulay event sooo much. Probably one of my best fetes for cropover.  It was reminiscent of the Holi festivals of India and Europe but with a caribbean soca twist. A myriad of colours (I think some new ones were invented on the spot) with people who are free spirited, wanting something to experience something different from the run of the mill fetes but most of all people who are not afraid to get down and dirty! This is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t want to get dirty, stay at your home! Or your hotel. Or go by the beach. You are not ready fuh dis!

The medal, the trophy, hell the whole podium goes to Canboulay for being the best organised and professional event out of all the fetes I attended over the cropover season. The attention to detail was inspiring!  Canboulay took place in a lovely enclosed beach front area. The PR crew not wanting to miss anything gwanning got to Copa Beach well and truly early.  The venue hadn’t opened yet. The event organiser was just giving her team instructions!! See how keen we are??  So we just limed on the beach for a while.. noting  the early risers on the beach exercising or just going for an early stroll enjoying the sunrise.




After a while, we head on back to Canboulay when the music started pumping.  Did I mention how impressed I was with the organisation of Canboulay?  As you entered on your left, a large table manned by several members of staff had a multitude bottles of coloured paint.  Now I am not talking about the cheap ass, so watered down that it was almost clear paint.  I am talking about goood quality watered paint! Paint that stayed the course!  lol If you don’t believe me, ask Jay about the staying power of the red paint! LOL. There was also powder and mud!  And there were nice branded Canboulay cups!  You got to choose your own colours! Now here I am so vex! I chose my nice cup, a lovely pink and blue one and I lost it!!!  Choops! I wanted to take this back to England with me. I clearly remember choosing it, using it for drinks putting it to a nice secure spot, and I lost the damn thing. But I digress.

By that time Davida (who had chosen to opt out of bucketfest for sleep) met up with us at Canboulay. At first the crowd was a bit reserved. However, once the paint started flinging, people started drinking, this fete took on a life of its own and BOOM! turned awesome! Full grown adults seemed to be happily reliving their youth as they ran after each other flinging paint and mud. It got messssyyyyy.  I loved it! And the wining. Cuzzy had the biggest grin on his face.






Some artists played to the crowd. I can’t remember who. To be honest I was more interested in geting other people dirty! It was well received though.  And the music was great!  Not just limited to soca! There was a bit of rap and dance which was good to hear.

Canboulay ended around midday? 1?  I honestly can’t remember.  I do remember my reluctance to leave though and my thought that Canboulay should come to London. Mind you with the unpredictability of English weather… So we took a taxi and headed back to Infinity. Headed straight to the beach to wash off some of the paint before we have breakfast.   Our next cropover event jourvert Chok o Wuk doesn’t start until late night. So we have time to sleep.


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