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Beach Party!!

Beach Party!!

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Saturday morning, I wake up pretty late.  Breakfast time had ended.  However the manager was nice enough to keep it open for us.  The coach was coming to pick us up at midday to take us to the Beach Party in Juan Les Pin. Not all of us were ready or really wanting to rush for the coach. Whaaaaatttt? we’re on holiday!! We have breakfast at a leisurely pace, chat and then order a taxi.

The beach is lovely. The area for the beach party is packed out, Djs on deck (again no soca), the bar is open and people are lounging, mingling and enjoying the sun.

Yes we’re off roaming again along the water front. It’s not surprising to see that the further up the beach you go, the bathing suits are more expensive, the sunbeds get bigger. There were loungers as big as beds with their own canopies. Waiters bring your drinks to you in their immaculate uniforms. The water is less crowded.

We stop at at an outcrop to take in the view.


 And what happens when there is such gorgeous scenery around you???  Impromptu photo shoot!! LOL! Too much fun!!!


We lingered there for quite some time before returning to the beach party. And then it was time to  return to the hotel!  It went by so quickly!!  We are alllll to the back of the coach. Andrew brings out his speaker and the soca comes on. It was like giving dying of thirst individuals water in the Sahara desert! We revelled in the music, singing loudly to Wotless, Happiest man alive, wining in our seats or standing, almost in defiance that our music had not been played so far. We’re having a crazy time at the back of the bus, all six of us.  And the rest of the coach? Silence. Not even a head nod. Ah well, whatever. We’re having a great time! At the hotel, we rest up to get ready for Glamorous in white.


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