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Burrokeets Band Launch: Origins, Voices of the past!

Burrokeets Band Launch: Origins, Voices of the past!

Mas Band Launches

Burrokeets band launch was a packed one.  For those who are not familiar with this band,  Burrokeets Mas band is run by Brian Royer and Joan Sam. This band has been participating at Notting Hill Carnival for the past twenty five years. They are described as a family oriented band and have had up to 300 masqueraders playing with them in the past. They are on the road on Carnival Sunday and Monday.  Carnival Sunday is for playing in t-shirts, Monday is for more of the pretty elaborate costumes.  The music on the road will primarily be soca.  However, there will be a splash of other genres.

The launch was held at Ruby Blue  in Leceister Square, London,UK.   You could almost call it their home venue now as the team seemed to know and be very familiar with the location. I spotted some familiar faces at the launch. The UCOM team were present and some of the usual photographer teams such as Trinis in London. But there were new faces and some teams I am not extremely familiar with such as livelovesoca. It was nice to see new faces attending band launches. There really wasn’t much of a wait for the launch either. I think it was about half an hour over? And that really isn’t long with reference to band launches.

I was informed by one of the band owners (Joan Sam) there were five designers for this launch; Rachel Charles (Nifty Productions),  Nat Elegance and Z Tee, Maria Joseph (Mardi Gras) and Shari House of designs. Burrokeets seemed to have stepped up this year and there were some nice designs. The overarching theme for this launch was ‘Origins: Voices of the Past’.  This first section to be showcased was by a new designer called Nifty Creations. Her section was entitled Carib Indians. The extended collar of the frontline gave this costume a completed look and the colour combination worked.

IMG_9642 IMG_9643 IMG_9645

This all white section was designed by Mardi Gras. I liked the headpieces and the frontline’s bodywear.


Designers Nat Elegance & Zee-T’s ection was called ‘Apocalypto’. I liked the colour combinations and the differing style of backpacks. The backline with the small wings and grey bodysuit was my favourite of this section.

IMG_9646 IMG_9648 IMG_9650 IMG_9651

This fourth section is also by Mardi Gras. I liked this turquoise and pink combination.

IMG_9660 IMG_9664 IMG_9669 IMG_9665

I have to admit though my favourite section was from Shari House of Designs. The mixture of colours and designs I felt were really thought about. For those who may not want a massive head piece but still want impact, the headwraps of the bright red ‘Blood Diamond’  and blue ‘Mama Earth’ costumes will definitely do the job. And this was my overall impression of this section really. Here are costumes for those who did not want to be hampered by big costumes but still wanted to have a eye catching costume. There’ s no restriction of movement.  That being said, I did like the big headpiece of the yellow costume named ‘Kush – 25th dynasty’.

However, my favourite of this section and of the entire night was the ‘Mama Earth’ costume modeled by Francyne.  I am biased as my favourite colour is blue. But I liked the head wrap, the neck piece and the caged bra. I even liked the collar and those who know my personal taste know that I do not like collars for me. But I’d wear this one. There was detail on the front and back of this collar which always speaks volumes of the designer giving thought to the view of the costume from the back. And Francyne worked that costume and owned the catwalk! Definitely gave that costume more life!

IMG_9670 IMG_9671 IMG_9699 IMG_9683

There were a variety of styles of costumes, head pieces, colours, complexity of skill at this launch to suite diverse masqueraders. I enjoyed the presentation and as per usual there was the feting afterwards. A good well thought out launch by the team. Can’t wait to see these on the road!

For more information about this band, please go to  For more pics, please go to . Make up for the launch was done by Gen Stewart and her team.  She can be followed on instagram on her make up page Gen Stewart Make-up.

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