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Burrokeets Mas Band Launch: Enchanted Paradise

Burrokeets Mas Band Launch: Enchanted Paradise

Mas Band Launches

Burrokeets Band launch may seem a long time ago.  But there is one costume that I do think about.

Burrokeets Mas band is run by Brian Royer and his team. This band has been participating at Notting Hill Carnival for the past twenty five years. They are described as a family oriented band and have had up to 300 masqueraders playing with them in the past. They are on the road on Carnival Sunday and Monday.  Carnival Sunday is for playing in t-shirts, Monday is for more of the pretty elaborate costumes.  The music on the road will primarily be soca.  However, there will be a splash of other genres.

The band launch was at Zebrano at Carnaby street which in a way did seem to fit with carnival. Carnaby street is very colourful, always busy, intriguing and times can be quite festive.  Especially when the Burrokeet costumes came out of the club and onto the street.

Burrokeets band launch was my 16th band launch of the season. And you never really know what type of personalities you will meet at the band launches in terms of management. It’s a busy rush rush time for them. Some may make time to answer your questions if you have extra ones.  Others are too busy. And it also depends on whether Ilovecarnivall is invited or whether I just attend as I am curious about the costumes.  Anyway this is my long winded way of saying the Brain was very friendly and attentive, answered all my questions  and ensured I knew were t the costumes would be presented.

The theme of the launch was ‘Enchanted Paradise’ with two designers; Vapzz by Kai and  Shari House of Designs.

Vapzz by Kai was a combination of neon green and purple and multicoloured body pieces.   The colours will certainly be seen on the street and the frontline is not for the body conscious.

I kind liked the hood and hand pieces of the orange Ethereal Temptress costume by Shari House of Designs.

Shari House of Designs also presented White Spirit. Loved the attitude and sass of the backline model with her afro.  She killed it.  I liked the skull cap of the frontline.

However, the costume which was most memorable for me and is one of those of the entire season is the  ‘Mystic Firefly’.  I loved the material used. It’s not common in the costume world for carnival from what I’ve seen anyway. For me, it did give the costume and ethereal feel’.

After the presentation, the models went to the street and that caused quite a stir. And the costumes looked better in the natural light.

It was a good launch for Burrokeets. Different location and on a smaller scale. I’ve attended the last three band launches for Burrokeets and this seemed to be a more intimate affair. But good attention to detail, good front face staff demeanour. Have a feeling Mystic Firefly will sell out.

For more information about this band, please go to burrokeetsukonline on instagram and Burrokeets Mas on facebook.

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