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Candy Mas Band Launch: Intensified!

Mas Band Launches

I can’t lie.  When I heard Turner was going to be performing at the Candy Mas Band launch,  it became a ‘must go to’ for me. Love this man’s voice and there was the opportunity to  interview him.

Candy Mas started off about three years ago as Burrokeet’s Sunday Mas Experience.   Burrokeets Mas Band wanted to develop a different experience for Notting Hill Carnival Sunday which included coloured powder to create something which is a fun, vibrant, explosive experience. Something similar to a j’ourvert feel  but with colourful powder. The experience was meant to be a sweet one so hence the name Candy Mas. The second year Candy Mas branched out as an independent band from Burrokeets.

The band leader DJ Shak Attack is part of the Transformers, a collective of soca DJs. They play in the UK, Europe and Trinidad.  This year they will be doing costumes and I have been told that Skinny Fabulous will have his own costume section in the band.   This is Candy Mas’ first year for costumes and the first year they will be completely independent on the road.  I have been told by a member of the Candy Mas team that this band spans the age range; from kids to adults. The music on the road will be 90% soca/calypso, 10% world music.  They will be on the road both Carnival Sunday and Monday.

The launch of Candy Mas was at the Yaa Centre with the theme  ‘Where all Elements Collide’. Quite a few bands launched in this space which is fit for purpose. The Candy Mas team was friendly and informative.  The early music and vibes was by DJ Remstar on the decks but also there were pan players which was a really good touch. It was a really nice crowd who attended the launch with the exception of one very rude photographer who came late then attempted to physically push his way to the front. He got several backs up  (including mine) of those who came early to position themselves to get good spots. There a certain respect between most media teams in that we are all there to do a job and to do a good job. But once in a while you will get offensive individuals who are just…. offensive.

First up was the Carnival Vibrance Team with two sections; Elements and Aksarnek (which I was told was the Eskimo Inuit word for ‘northern lights’). These consisted of bright yellow costumes and neon pinks which stood out in the blue lighting for this part of the launch.

Next came the t-shirts and j’ourvert presentations. Looks like J’overt with Candy Mas at Notting Hill Carnival will be a silent event at the team members went through the crowd with headphones and giving headphones to the crowd to listen to the music. The section Vybranium designed by Tribal Paints was up next with black feathers and costumes.

The following sections were all designed by Rita Keino.  All costumes include a Sunday t-shirt with the package. Sapphire Fusion was was dominated by the colour blue and long tassels.

Gems of the Earth consisted of burgundys and oranges. I liked the monokini option.

Perhaps the stand out section is the Phoenix Rising with its oranges and reds.  Rochelle did a good job modelling the frontline.

And that was the costume presentation part of the launch done. Next up was Turner’s performance which was a crowd pleaser and his fans were really happy!  The launch was good.  It was organised. The models showed the costumes off well. The band seemed to be a friendly inviting team from the launch with good music. I liked the inclusion of pan.  Have no doubt that they will do well on the road.

For more information on Candy Mas, please visit Candy Mas on facebook and carnival crasherz on instagram.  You can find out more information on Carnival Vibrance and Tribal Paints on Instagram


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