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Cannes Pool Party!!!

Cannes Pool Party!!!

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My cousin Dellian and I wake up at around 8:30 to get breakfast.  We didn’t want to miss it this morning.We’re chatting away wondering what the pool party at the villa will be like. We don’t have high hopes given the prior venues. However, this is the one event I was most looking forward to. The coach was meant to pick us up at 12. So we go to rest up for at least another hour or so. Half way through my sleep Nicole calls. The pool party has been cancelled! And the venue for the lingerie party has been moved to the small club of last night. I laughed so hard I ended up coughing!  It was almost inevitable right? I head down to the reception area so that my friends and I can make plans.  Half an hour later, I get the official message that the pool party is cancelled. The way news travels is always a mystery.

Other weekender guests do not share my humour at the latest turn of events.  Let’s just say that they are not happy at all. I guess more so at the lack of an alternative given initially. Half an hour later? We hear about an alternative by word of mouth. We have to get to some place 20 minutes away so that the coach can take us to some beach. Not for me and my friends.We got our own plans!

We hang around the pool area liming, hatting, taking in the sun before we head down to the Cannes beach front to take in some sun.



It’s Sunday. It’s a beautiful day.  The sky couldn’t get any bluer. The temperature is just right. This is a beach day.  The road is lined with cars.  Families, friends, couples, lone travellers have all headed to the beach to enjoy this amazing day.  And we too join in, unhurriedly looking for a spot to call our own. Whilst doing that, we stop to have a slushy and take more pics. We find a place overlooking the beach and for the sun worshippers in our group to get their tan on. Our resident Dj Andrew takes in our mood and puts on sweet reggae music. Some are deciding whether to go in the water or not.  Not me. I want to go exploring, take a walk along the waterfront again, see what I haven’t seen before and capture new mental images to commit to memory.
A couple of us take a leisurely walk along the water’s edge. The sun beds, bars seem even more luxurious than at beach of yesterday. We stop at the Grand Hyatt private beach bar to have a cocktail. The presentation is unbelieveably immaculate. There is an attention to detail bordering on anal.  The bar staff are very attentive and friendly.
IMG_5290 IMG_5292

I have the most tantalising cocktail sensation called sparkling passion. I am sipping this cocktail, listening to my friends’ conversation, enjoying the view and thinking to myself I could get used to Cannes and this lifestyle verrrrryyyy easily. After a while, we head back to our friends. We are hungry and planned to eat together. We head back to the bar from our first day here, to have drinks and food.



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