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Carnival 3: Cropover : Carnival Monday!!

Carnival 3: Cropover : Carnival Monday!!

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After the Limerz boat cruise, we had a look in on our fallen comrade, had something to eat, limed a bit.  Then Davida and I went to catch a couple of hours sleep.  Woke up at 12:30am to get ready to go to the make-up artist’s (Khristian Daniel) on time. We got there and he was already busy at it. Two ladies were ahead of me.  Khristian was finishing off the last lady’s make-up. I didn’t mind waiting. I was really impressed with his level of skill. The place was crowded with ladies waiting for various make-up artists.


The place was lively.  You could feel the excitement of Cropover. Discussion and lively banter of who is playing in what band and what make up effect they wanted.  There were some personalities in that place.  I remember a lady jumping with Krave the band Glitz and Glam section and a pageant winner who made such a regal entrance with her bouquet.  Then began to strip off right there and then! All kinds of surprises! LOL.  My make up took about 20-25 minutes. And I loved it! All power to Kristian! If he ever comes to London, I’ll be recommending him to evvvvveerrryyyyone!IMG_5671 Davida’s make up was on point too! Khristian said he had 21 faces to do! 21 then he would be on the road in costume! That’s all kinds of stamina! Make up done, we head back to the hotel to try to figure out hooowww we gonna sleep without ruining the make up! We did though, must have gotten home at 4am. To wake up by-7am? We wanted to leave by what 8:30? Enough time for us to get dressed, have some breakfast, take pics by the beach and head out.

IMG_5676 IMG_5690


I don’t know. The heat in Barbados is something else. Not as intense as the heat in Tobago. In Tobago, it feels like preparation for your journey to hell. But it was hot as we headed out to go on route!  It was just blazing down.  On road for hours in this heat?  I wondered about that.  That taxi took us to the closest point it could do and it was a short walk to the meeting point.

Before we see our band Zulu International, we see other bands our London friends are jumping with. There are some amazing costumes as we pass! Amazing guys and ladies with killa bodies! Wow! Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t  have had hat extra piece of roast pork.  Ah well.



IMG_5703 IMG_5707 IMG_5706



We go to Zulu international. Everyone is liming as the band is not ready to move. Ladies are putting up the finishing touches. I meet up with my friend Tasha who is also in Zulu. At that time, I was wishing my other friend Sherry could have jumped as well. Dellian goes off to have some body paint done. We head off on the route.


I have to say. Zulu international were great. They take care of their people. Runners in the band on the road with fruits and biscuits. I had the runners asking me if I was ok. Security was cool. There was a VIP truck where you could rest up. However the truck at times seemed to forget the VIP part as everyone and their cat, goat and kitchen sink was on that truck. It got so crowded we actually left. I loved the occasional randon showers placed along the route. At these times, I didn’t care that my costume would get wet. All I wanted to do was cool down. Shower it is!  But all in all not bad. The guys seemed to like it. Wine on gyal, drink ah rum. Al lis well in the carnival world. At the end of the route, Zulu had a venue for lunch. Heard there was a bit of a scuffle.  I wasn’t that desperate for food.  Headed back up the route to see where we can find a taxi to go to the hotel. There was an afterparty. I think the guys attended. I can’t rightly remember. I KNOW I didn’t!!



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