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Carnival 4: Grenada, Moonlight in white!

Carnival 4: Grenada, Moonlight in white!

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The moonlight in white fete last year started my initial suspicions that Grenadians are a teeeenyyy bit out there! The things I saw last year??? Rolling in the mud, being happily dragged by one leg by your friends in the mud and then posing for a picture?.. I couldn’t wait for the cinna villa crew to experience this.  However, this year it was altered. Rather than just the one event, there were two events on the same night; white in the moonlight and white city.  Additionally, it was held in a new location.

We had a couple of  hours sleep and we were ready by midnight? 12:30am? Transport was supposed to have been organised for us.  That didn’t happen.  Thankfully, Dellian had some taxi numbers. So we sorted ourselves out in two taxis and made our way up into the country ( a 45 minute drive) to white in the moonlight.  With all the to and fro of organising taxis, waiting for taxis and driving up there, we must have gotten there for 3:30 am which actually was not a bad time in the end as that’s when the acts were  on stage. Everyone was dressed in white in a large outside venue. It was good.  I have to admit not good as last year. And no way as muddy (I was disappointed).  There was not much rain.  The rain only fell as if on cue with the start of Machel’s performance.



I did a bit of roaming.  Dellian and I got some chicken and chips from a straight up hustling 11-12 year old boy. This little man was using his cute cute face and to die for eyelashes for all he was worth to get more money out of us for the same amount of chicken! Well cousin Dellian was not to be hustled. We got two portions each!

No. Moonlight in white wasn’t as fun as last year.  I missed the rain and mud.By 8:30am, I think most of cinna villa crew were ready to leave. Then one of our crew went missing. Now this is not like in town. We are deep in country and have to call up our taxis.  You can’t just wave a taxi down or jump on a bus. And I will not leave anyone behind all the way out here. Some of the crew get in the first taxi. Jay, Dellian and I go looking for our missing friend. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack as eveeerrrryyyy body is wearing white. The only saving grace is that she was wearing a blue rag on her head. We go over the entire venue. It feels like forever.  Then we find her. By then the taxi driver is calling us.  So we head out.  And then the worst, Lavaman comes on as we are out of the venue and a quarter of the way to where the taxi is waiting for us. The challenge not to turn back is serious.  Lavaman in Grenada.  Energiser bunny looks like he wants to cry. But to the taxi we go. By the time we get home, it must be around 10:30am? Something like that. We rest up, go to the beach, have food (can’t remember in what order) IMG_5911 IMG_5901

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