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Carnival 4:  Grenada, Spicemas Monday

Carnival 4: Grenada, Spicemas Monday

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We use washing up liquid to get the oil off from our skin at the villa from j’ouvert.  I learnt that last year when the hotel staff at Kalinago saw Mel and I struggling with removing the oil. That works way better than the sand! We rest up for a bit. Not for long though. Some of us head to Carnival Monday. It was good! Nice costumes from some of the other bands.  However, the route was not packed with people. I imagine most people were sleeping off j’ouvert and will come out for midnight mass tonight or tomorrow.

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We had our wrist bands on so we joined our band Summer Crew. Most masqueraders chose to wear part or none of their costume on the monday instead leaving it for the Tuesday. Energiser bunny lost it! Wining on evvveeerrryyyyyy bumsie he could find.  Like a 13 year old boy diagnosed with ADHD who forgot to take his medication that morning. The rest of us were happier to take it easier today.

I met the most interesting people.  Two Grenadian ladies taught me a skill which is VERY useful for the road, carnival and some other specific situations. ‘And this is what you do.  You take ah sot of rum and you…’ I could not stop the laughter whilst being the keenest of students. Tricia and Grace? You two are hilarious! And dangerous! I’m telling you I learnt all sorts of new and interesting things whilst in Grenada.

Perhaps we should have left earlier. As there were absolutely no buses or taxis travelling back to the Grand Anse area from town. That meant we had to walk back to the villa. An hour’s walk. If there was any alcohol in our systems at the start of the walk, that got burnt out. So we walked. And walked. We saw loads of masqueraders heading the opposite way getting ready for Monday night mas which is the most extraordinary carnival light show. Still walking. Still making our way to the villa.

One of our crew was feeling poorly. His eyes got a bit messed up.  I suspect it had something to do with his over enthusiasm at jab. He was in pain. Lots of pain. He was trying to be nonchalant about it but I know this dude. The sharp intake of breaths? Yes. Pain preceded those. And he was concentrating really hard just walking. I was worried.  When it comes to eye sight, you do not take any chances. It was taking too long to get to the villa. Finally we get there. Woohoo! I was beyond tired! But relieved. Nicole is a medical doctor and was able to examine his eyes. Jessy had some eye drops and this was administered. And he needed to rest. Which thankfully he did.

Some of us who had gone to carnival monday were too exhausted to make the night mas. Oh yes I admit it… I crashed out! I hit that bed and before you could say ‘oil down’ twice? I was in Sleepville.  I’m almost certain there was some very loud snoring involved as well! Others from the cinna villa crew went and they loved it! And it is the most fantastic thing to watch.  Onwards and forwards to Carnival Tuesday.


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