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Carnival 4: Grenada, Spicemas Tuesday!

Carnival 4: Grenada, Spicemas Tuesday!

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Carnival Tuesday in Grenada does not start early. Midday? 1pm? We chilled, ate and rested for the morning. All fallen soldiers were back and ready to enjoy the last day of carnival. Dellian and I went to the mall and the beach. Admittedly, we held the others up getting ready and we left late.  We found our band on the road and started enjoying ourselves!



I really enjoyed the road with Summer Crew. Ok so not as polished as Zulu International in Barbados. I do not remember runners in the band offering you refreshments. But hey, this is what makes Spicemas more…real. It rained for a bit which was cool with me.  The music was on point.




There were some hilarious moments! I remember three guys (a bajan, grenadian and trini) at one point competing against each other to illustrate to me which island had the sweetest wine. Now I am talking about wine ok?Not the jook jook jook business which some people believe is wining. No. the fine art of wining. The smooth gyrating of hips in a circular motion in time with the music and your wining partner. Oh my my my.. The caribbean islands have some serious talent! And no I couldn’t choose. When you have three experts wining with you? Nah you can’t choose. Why would you want to?

Singing ‘We naahh change, we nah change, we nah changing at all!!’ Oh gosh I hope Lavaman is right and Spice mas doesn’t change at all! I hope it retains the organic feeling of it which I love so much. But aleady, just from last year, I could see a lot more of us foreigners. I feel the polish creeping in, wanting to compete with the bigger carnivals of the caribbean, the diluting of things to accommodate our lack of understanding, wanting to keep us foreigners safe so we don’t go back abroad and say ‘Nooo Grenada isn’t safe.’ I can smell it. You know what I mean right? The dreaded three words that kill a vibe faster than a woman asking a guy ‘when was your last HIV test?’ Come on, say it with me…  HEALTH AND SAFETY!




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