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Carnival 5: England, Carnival Sunday! Abir, chocolate and all things dirty

Carnival 5: England, Carnival Sunday! Abir, chocolate and all things dirty

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So for the first time, I did Abir rather than Chocolate or Wotless for Carnival Sunday. I guess I just wanted to change things up. I have been in that kinda mood this year.  The instructions stated that we should be there for 10 am. So my brother and I get ready from early! As per usual, soca music blasting whilst we get ready. Our friend Judith comes to meet us and she is early!  Now we are surprised as hell as this young lady is notorious for taking time. This was the one time she was actually ready before us!! I think the world stopped turning for a second there.  So we get ready, have our starting drinks (Chairman’s spice) and we head off to Abir! We get to the allocation point and people are liming.  Didn’t really move off until about 11:30 or so but that’s no biggie. Kind of expected really. In the meantime, we dance to the music which the truck is blasting, catch up with other people, we get our drinks, we get our paint.



This reminded me so much of Holi festival last year.  The band members are quite diverse, loads of smiling faces, happy vibes. Bottles of coloured paint were handed out by the organisers and soon our white t-shirts reflected a myriad of colours as members used each other as impromptu art canvases. Was great to see and be a part of! The music was on top form. DJ Shep beat was there so I got my bajan fix, grenadian music and even one or two Lucian songs (surprise surprise).

You know me. I need to roam. I need to see my other friends in the other bands.  Judith, Ted and I head backwards on the route to check it out. We pass Arawak where my friend Garvey is and it was nice! Loved the vibes there. However, by far, the biggest and wildest band has to be and remains Chocolate Nation.

Chocolate, chocolate. This band is huge. Most of my friends join Chocolate Nation on the Sunday. I have been trying to figure out what it is about the chocolate bands that make their members go above and beyond; the funniest antics, the wildest wuk ups, the most drinking comes from these bands. Drink, soca and chocolate on the road makes for one major hedonistic time! LOL. I remember one year, I had to go to A&E on Carnival Sunday as one of my crew had drank wayyy too much and needed medical attention. And I kid you not, the A&E was awash with the blue t-shirts of a chocolate band all needing medical attention!!  So yes, I have only captured a miniscule of the antics by pics but you will get the idea.









After spending some time with chocolate nation, we head back to Abir in time for lunch.  I must say that roti was niccceeeee… At judging point, we were given coloured podwer and at the set time we all threw it up in the air or at each other. At that point it truly felt like Holi all over again! Was sooo much fun!






And in a blink, it was done! Time to head home to get ready for Carnival Monday which I like to call pretty mas day. Sunday is dirty,Monday is pretty. I got home, showered and crashed!

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