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Carnival Three: Barbados Cropover!!!!! Hands up and roll dat….

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Cropover is a new one for me. My soca friends have been telling me about this for years. After Trinidad Carnival, it might be the most well known in the Caribbean.  So I figured why not? I was told it was expensive, I was told the route was shorter, I was told I was going to have a blast!  Six of us from Europe (Davida, Dellian, Jay, Jessy, Nicole and I) will be meeting friends in and from Barbados.

Planning for cropover started months in advance.   Choosing a band to play with (Zulu international), organising a make up artist for the ladies in costume (Khristian Daniel), choosing the fetes to prioritise and go to etc. Ok so we want to hit Beach House.  But oh gosh!  Lush is at the same time as Beach house! Ok so we have been to Beach House before in Trinidad, let’s do Lush.  We want to do Bucketfest.  But Oh lawd, Bunji is playing at Soca Titans and we will be missing him in London as we will be in Barbados. But we all want to be on the red boat for Limerz cruise!  How are we going to swing that?  Choices, choices. Thank God for my friends Sherry, Steven and Cat who help us wade through the myriad of fetes, bands and events for Crop Over.

So Flight was booked aggggeesss ago. Accommodation sorted. Band to play with sorted. Fetes which can be booked from this side of the atlantic have been booked.  Stop talking. Let’s go.

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