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Carnival Three: Cropover Lush and Bucketfest

Carnival Three: Cropover Lush and Bucketfest

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This is our first full day in Barbados. And our first day fete was LUSH cooler fete. You had to bring your own drinks but you could get some at the venue. We wake up after a couple of hours feeling like a fewww more hours would have felt sooo good… have breakfast…go for a swim. We head to Sheraton Mall to get a cooler.  Not really thinking of getting anything permanent or flashy as we are not planning on bringing it to Grenada with us.  That’s done. We head to the appointed location at the appointed time which was 3pm so we had loads of time.  Again the location point is not very far from Infinity and we walk there.



We get to the location on time and we wait for the coach. It is a coach ride to the actual venue for Lush. The coach is a good 45 minutes to an hour late. In the words of Jack Sparrow ‘Welcome to the caribbean luv!’ There’s actual time, West Indian time and then I guess then there is crop over time which well… takes it to the next level of being late!  But no matter! Whilst waiting, the organiser of the coach Nikki has some lovely rum and rum punch and music which keeps us happy.

I’m sure I have said this before but there is something about a coach ride, soca and rum which brings out the wassiness in soca heads! This one is no different. All kinds of dancing antics was going on. Energiser bunny was on top form! By the time we hit the venue everyone was feeling nice! Sadly, our little cooler didn’t even make it to the venue. Someone must have wukked up on it on the coach. Ah well it served its purpose albeit for a short time.  May it rest in peace..


IMG_5534 IMG_5538


The venue for LUSH was amazing! A great green space with remnants of a mill. This was probably a working plantation in its former life. Now it is a venue for a soca fete with a stage for artists, stalls for food and drink. Groups set up round their coolers in several areas ready for a great time. The drinks are flowing and the wining start. As the day and night progresses, the place gets packed, people get closer and closer to the stage with the stage sometimes used as a prop for wukking up! From my roaming around and chatting to many people , internationals made up a large percentage of the crowd. Americans and Trinidadians seemed to make the bulk of it wish a dash of English and other islands thrown in.  It was a good second introduction to the Cropover experience.  LUSH ended around 1am and by the time it was time to get on the coach and head back, some well known-individuals with a reputation of tapping out had already done so ( mentioning no names cough cough Credible). Others still had energy for more… wining.


However, the night does not end there for some of the PR crew. By this time it must have been after 2 am 3am? Cuzzy, Jay and I have a quick shower, change of clothes and head out to Bucket fest with the intention of heading straight to Canboulay afterwards.

Bucket fest.  Another event where you have to bring your own stuff, this time a bucket as the name implies.  We didn’t have one so we went in, bought our drinks there and headed to the somewhat front. We got there for about 3:30 am.  We just got the end part of Destra’s performance.  The crowd responded well enough but I imagine if it was one of their own, it would have been more… enthusiastic. Other artists came on.  We met others from the LUSH event here. But by 5:30, we started to make our way to Canboulay.

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