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Chocolate Nation Band Launch: Hidden Treasures!

Chocolate Nation Band Launch: Hidden Treasures!

Mas Band Launches

Chocolate Nation Band Launch is one of those band launches I try not to miss.  With six bands/sections launching in one night and the feting after, it’s nomally a good night out.

Chocolate Nation is the largest band on the road on Carnival Sunday and is typically the last band of the route probably by design. Of recent years, Chocolate Nation has hosted various smaller bands on Carnival Monday and their band launch reminds me of the Poison Mas Band launches of years gone by. This band launch is normally well attended and in the past there have been international well known artists performing.

The launch was held at a location called ‘The Venue’. It was fit for purpose with loads of space and a big stage. The very front of the stage was cornered off and the models came down from the stage onto the corned area so that the media and guests of the band can get a closer look and take pictures.   Mike Forbes (band leader of Chocolate Nation) hosted the launch. The crowd was warmed up and surprisingly for a band launch, the presentation starts on time.

The overall theme for this band was ‘Hidden Treasures’ with the various bands using this as inspiration for their individual themes. There were six sections/bands on show.  Caribbean Sessions was up first with their theme ‘Royalty’.  This band had launched before early on in the year. But it was a second time to see the costumes up close. I liked this year’s colours.

Infinite Mas by Ms Desire was also on show with her theme ‘Into the Wild’. The way that Ms Desire has improved on her costumes over the years is indescribable. I liked her frontline and choice of colour and this costume had nice details upclose. Jalicia was a great choice to showcase the frontline.

Trinity Design Collective presented ‘Goddess, Rise to Excellence’.  I love their use of the bold red color.  I always associate them with pastel colours and it was good to see red. I liked the front line.  There was a bit of tut tut at the models flinging their flags on the ground to reveal their costumes but it was all part of the presentation. The front line model had energy for days and Leonie worked the fabric of her costume!

The Wassiville section is very popular, especially the front line/individual.  The theme ‘Siren’ of her section was perhaps more readily visible than any of the other bands and there was good detail on the costumes.  I don’t know the models personally but they did a good job.

Flora from Mas with a Difference did not come out to play this year. She stepped it up with her theme ‘Tanzanite’. She brought to model Andrea Cha Cha and Ray who I have never seen model for a Chocolate Band launch before. And they served it! There was a monokini option and not really a plus size model but not who Flora usually has as models.  The individual though. She went all out, detailed bejeweled body piece including lights on the wings. It was beautiful.  Naturally Kimhia modeled this and the detail on the monokini piece.

Another show stopper was that of the Chocolate Nation ‘Lotus’ by Lovena. Reiss modelleing the full figure option was a great!!  When the curtain was drawn and Kamika and Vanisha came on stage together, both wearing same wings, same height, that was a ‘wow’ moment. They killed it.  Vanisha appeared a bit nervous initially but Kamika was dancing all over the stage having a time. Her energy was infectious. If someone had told me initially ‘burgundy’ for a costume i’d say ‘errrrmmmm  I’m not to sure about that’.  But it worked and it worked well.

This launch was good with the bands giving their best.  It was a who’s who with reference to the individuals who usually model at carnival band launches.  And the feting afterwards was serious. I think maybe similar to the Island Mas band launch, if the names of the bands could be put up somewhere whilst the band was on stage, it would be great.  As if you were not familiar with the bands, it would be slightly confusing.  But a good band launch and looking forward to seeing these on the road!

For more information on Chocolate Nation, please visit or Facebook Page Chocolate Nation Mas or instagram.  For further information on Wassiville, please visit wassiville on instagram.  For further information on Infinite Mas, please visit or facebook page Infinite mas. For further information on Caribbean Sessions, please visit or caribbeansessions on instagram and twitter.  For further information on Trinity Design Collective, please visit, or Facebookpage Trinity Design Collective.  For further information on Mas with a Difference, please visit or Mas with a difference on Facebook and mwdcarnival on instagram.




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