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Colours Mas UK Band Launch: Colours of Love

Colours Mas UK Band Launch: Colours of Love

Mas Band Launches

Neelam of the Colours Mas UK Team invited Ilovecarnivall to their first band launch for Carnival Monday of Notting Hill Carnival 2018. It is always nice to get a personal invitation and so will always make the extra effort to attend. This was the 20th band launch personally attended by Ilovecarnivall for the band launch season of Notting Hill Carnival 2018.

Initially I was confused about Colours Mas UK.  I wasn’t sure whether this was a rebranding of Abir, this was an off shoot of Euphoria or Trini Posse UK.  I was a bit lost.  However, I was able to speak to one of the band leaders Roger who explained a bit. Colours have been on the road Carnival Sunday for Notting Hill Carnival for the past three years affiliated with TriniPosse UK. However, this will be the first year they will be on the road Carnival Monday with costumes. The music on the road will be mainly soca and are preparing to cater for approximately 350 in costume.  This band has some serious backing.  On the Monday they team up with BET, Triniposse UK, Chinee Chic, Dubs &Hype and Scorch.

Colours at the band launch had a very informative leaftlet which provided more information. The road experience will include: Mimosa breakfast, lunch and snacks, all inclusive drinks, two music trucks, privtae security team, on-site first aid, mobile rest rooms, GPS tracker to find the band, roaming photographers, souvenir cup, goodie bag with souvenirs, security wrist band, beautifully hand made costume.  So.  This band did not come out to play. This is branded as a premium band with a premium experience.

The band launch was held at the Star & Garter, a riverside bar in the affluent Richmond area in London which again sets the tone for the band and the expectations from the band. It was a nice venue space with a high ceiling with chandeliers. The team handed out branded cups as you enter. Initially the space was a bit dark which made me think about (as usual) lighting for images. The crowd consisted of many familiar faces, those I usually see at Busspepper events or are Euphoria and Abir masqueraders. Also saw quite a few familiar media teams. There was a nice early warm up by DJ Raskal and Trinigladiata, followed by Shep Beats and Konata who raised the energy and hype to get the audience ready for seeing the costumes.

The overall theme for Colours Mas for Notting Hill Carnival 2018 is ‘Colours of Love’ with five different designers presenting costumes. First up was the section ‘Storge’s bright yellow monokini with green chain leaf additions modeled by Hollie Marie and designed by Rebel Swim. She killed it modelling this costume, making it look all glamorous and ting.

Next up was the section ‘Eros’ designed by Tara Bhajan and presented by BET. The front line headpiece was interesting , moving from the front to the back.

Presented next were three bikini backline options for the section ‘Pragma’ designed by SJW Designs and presented by Dubs & Hype. I liked the mirrored pieces effect on the options.  The frontline of course was modeled by Kamika. It was a monokini option with a feathered back pack.  I’ve said it before and will say again. Kamika knows how to sell a costume. She shows off the costumes and looks like she has so much fun doing it!

The section Ludus was next shown, designed by Laugier and presented by Trini Posse UK. The way the model DJKatash worked the front line costume!

Last section to be shown was that of the well known designer Marie Collette entitled ‘Mania’.  There is no backline, just a frontline costume which was pretty.  This was the only section which had a male option of the entire presentation.

I liked this launch. Liked the venue. Liked the attention to detail and liked the leaflets with information and the free cups. I do recognise many bands can’t afford to do so but it is a nice touch. The models were on fire displaying the costumes to the best of theie ability. Two things though.  I am not sure that they catered for the plus sized masqueraders enough although it could be argued that the front line Pragma monokini option could suit.  The more glaring point is that there is only one male option for Colours Mas for this year! So fellas if you don’t like that option, wellllllll……  From the presentation of the band launch, it looks like this band is ready to offer a premium all-inclusive experience. The team feels ready. And the response was good. Looking forward to seeing them on the road.

For more information please visit and ColoursUK on Facebook and Instagram.


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