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D Riddim Tribe Band Launch! Their Best Launch to date!

D Riddim Tribe Band Launch! Their Best Launch to date!

Mas Band Launches

D Riddim Tribe! Love this band to bits. The vibe. This band has vibes for days. I say this and will keep on saying it. This band has some of the best vibes Carnival Monday on the road at Notting Hill Carnival. I allllwwwaaayyysss have to pass through this band on the road.

D Riddim Tribe Mas Band is a subsidiary of Release D Riddim (RDR).  I remember this team from Corks Wine bar in West End London many years ago. It was the Thursday night soca fete and home of the soca cartel and Release D Riddim team (RDR). They are the team that brings you the popular Red Eye Fete in London and ‘Responsibly drinking rum’ t-shirts. RDR  have been around for at the very least ten years now.  They play internationally which includes Germany, Rotterdam, Grenada, Barbados and the US.  The night before the launch, they had just returned from Carnaval de Toulouse, France. Credible and Hardwine are pretty chilled guys doing their do low key.  But doing their do. And this band’s costumes have steadily improved over the years.  This year has been their best band launch ever for costumes and apart maybe from UCOM band launches, this is the fastest I have seen people move in a UK band launch to go register for costumes. If you pre registered you must be saying ‘Thank you Jesus’ right now as some of the sections sold out on the night.

D Riddim Tribe held their launch at Cargo in Shoreditch, East London.   Now I am not a fan of Cargo as a venue for anything.  Initially it always looks and smells like it needs a good scrub down with a hard brush and bleach. But the team was very creative and determined and made it work with the space they were allocated by the venue.

At the beginning of the night, I thought ‘No way are they going to launch on time.’  But you know what? They were only about 25-30 mins late.  In the band launch world, that is practically on time. All power to the team and Make Up artists such as Gen Stewart who worked hard to get things done.

So the crowd was getting warmed up. Hard wine was on the mic.  You could never tell that he returned from Toulouse Carnival late the night before. If you were anywhere near the stage, you would see ladies trying some serious moves on the sides of the stage.  There was one particular lady who looked like she was inhaling the soca tunes played and they were breath of life.

The theme for the this year was ‘Flight of the Mystique’. I always wrote ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ for some reason. First up came Sunday Mas ‘School of Soca’ and fun mas. This included t-shirts and decorated leotards.

Then came the section ‘Kinnara’ designed by Marabella Steblecki.  My favourite costume of the night was in this section, the frontline modelled by Dujonna.  I liked the colour bocked wings and the colours green, red and gold just popped on Dujonna’s skin. I liked the gold necklace and the tiara headpiece.  You can move through the crowd with relative ease in this costume.  Actually whilst some of the other models at the end of the catwalk presentation needed more room and had to go round the crowd, Dujonna manoeuvred.  She sold this costume really really well.

Then came the Siren section by the Envy Design Team. The front line Siren costume did not disappoint with the huge headpiece flowing down on either side of Kimmy the model.  I liked the little pop of yellow feathers. It will stand out on the road.

Sankofa by Pfe Freedom was up next with models I am more familiar with, Leonie and Andrea.  I liked the  frontline printed monokini which Andrea wore as well as the yellow wings. And naturally Andrea killed it on the catwalk.

Then Adarna by Pfe  Freedom.  First up was the plus sized model.  She came with the slaying catwalk attitude that almost said ‘Look me. And what?’  I liked this costume for her shape and it there was good attention to detail. Sometimes for plus size models, costumes just have more cloth.  This one had good gems and feathers as well and no way did it look or feel like an after thought.The frontline modelled by Delphie is pretty and drew noise of appreciation from the crowd.  The pastel pink and blue gives it a very feminine feel to it and the large backpack made her look like a pretty pretty butterfly.

This was the best year for costumes to date for D’Riddim Tribe. And the proof was there. People were rushing to get registered.  There is another section to come out  I was told and the front line for that section is sold out too! Based on being told the colours alone! And all I can say is bwoyyyy, the rest of the bands to launch best bring their A  games cause with the weekend just gone?  The stakes were raised.  What will the rest of the the London designers and bands bring? I can’t wait!!!

For more information on D Riddim Tribe, please visit  Release D Riddim on soundcloud, mixcloud Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please also visit D Riddim Tribe rdrgalavants on instagram. 

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