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English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Belgian, Creole. The Caribbean and its culture is made up of all of these and more. In this article, the focus is on the creole culture and music of child prodigy, creole superstar Kennenga. Last time we caught up with him, he was just about to have his concert in London UK. We have a further conversation with as he plans his second concert in London in November.

Last time we spoke, it was December last year and you were preparing for your London concert.  How was that concert?  The concert was awesome ! I had such a pleasure to meet my London public. I even recorded the crowd for a brand new song « Mantra » out on my last album. That was great.

What have you been doing since we last met last year? Concerts? Writing? Enjoying life? I didn’t really get any rest since we met. I performed in different parts of the world, sold out the concert in Paris last May. I wrote few new brand songs of course, for myself but also others artists. Also made several videos plus the one recorded during the Nothing Hill Carnival for a brand new song « Keep the fire burning »  coming out soon !
You are having another concert this year in London. Why have you decided to do this? As we spoke last time, I’m currently working with my team to expand my career to an international level. London is an international place, and last year, we saw that people were interested in my music. As I said I wrote a few new brand songs that I’ll present to the public at the concert.
Is it difficult to have a concert in London? There isn’t a very large creole community here. Yeah it’s difficult, our community isn’t very large. But my music doesn’t target only my community, so no matter where you from I invite you to discover my music. I’m practicing my English daily to break up this famous language barrier and make you feel the vibe. And you will learn some french and creole as well.
 Can you tell me a bit about your new song, Dekolaj Imedia? And your album? Dékolaj Imedia Is a Zouk song. It’s talking about how sometimes it’s difficult for me to talk about my feelings to my loved one. And I think men in general. I prefer showing my feeling by making some actions, but I realised that sometimes it needs to be louder.
The chorus says : Come in my arms, stick on me, if you listen carefully, you gonna ear my heart. Extract from my new album ‘Carnet de voyage d’un solda Lanmou-chapitre 1&2 ‘. This album is a testimony of my journey on what I call the path of my heart. As a Solda Lanmou means Soldier of Love
What will be different about this song and album?  I remember you saying that you wanted to improve your English.  Are there more English songs? Yes, I wrote few new brand songs in English that you will discover at my concert. As we are still working on it we should launch them next year. In addition on this album there is a song mixed English and Creole featuring Patrice called ‘Dreams’
I remember you calling yourself last time ‘Solda Lanmou’.  Do you still of yourself as that? Yes I’m still a Solda Lanmou, that’s means literally soldier of love. Solda Lanmou is also a clothing brand you can discover it on
You attended Notting Hill Carnival this year.  Did you enjoy it? It was awesome, its been a long time that I hadn’t party. I discovered some soca songs that are now part of my daily playlist. And the most important, I shot a video. I can not wait to show it.
What are your future goals for yourself for the next two years? Travel the world, produce new artists from Caribbean, I’m also a video director as I made some of my videos. And I would like to continue making long and short videos for other artists.
What can we expect for this concert in November in London? Last time I was alone on stage with my guitar.  This time we will be three for more vibes with Joel Jaccoulet ( Pianist and machines) and Mustaf Kennenga (vocals back). Also you will discover discover Maurane Voyer, a talented young Artist singer and pianist with an amazing voice, she will introduce to the public her last EP already available online #RdvMau. We going to share some good music, vibes and love.
There you have it! is once again bringing his amazing and infectious energy and vibe to the city of London on the 6th November. It will be one not to be missed! Tickets can be bought at this link
All images were used with the authorization of the artist.  For more information on, please visit Kennenga on Wikipedia, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, You Tube, Sound Cloud.

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