Festivals; Why there is love for them too!

We looovve 💓💓💓 our carnivals but we always like to take in some festivals during the year too! 💯💯 

Some of the things we like about music festivals;

  1.  Depending on the ones you choose, the are pretty cost effective.  You pay one price and you get to see so many artists who you might normally see at individual concerts.  Three  or more for the price of one or two. A bargain I think.
  2. It’s a come as you are type of thing.  For most festivals, there isn’t really a theme (although there is the growing trend of festival wear for some festivals).  But we like the casual .we are here for the music vibe’, like in Summerjam.
  3. It is a very different vibe.  The festivals we have been to, people seem to be more open and friendly.  There’s is a kind of ‘The music links us so it’s all good’.

From Uber Soca Cruise, Ibiza Soca Festival, to Afro Nation, to Coachella to Glastonbury. There are so many world wide festivals to choose from! Festivals dedicated to one genre of music only or multiple genres; Soca, afrobeats, reggae, jazz, reggaeton and so much more!  Summer time in the UK?  It is festival season!  So many to choose from.   I have attended quite a few festivals over the years but have never really written about them.  Might be good to start doing so…