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Flagz Band Launch: The Next Chapter

Flagz Band Launch: The Next Chapter

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I wasn’t able to attend the Flagz band launch last year so had to make it this year. I’ve known about the Flagz team for yearssssss.  Used to attend their fetes when they were held at Balham. They are a strong team/family with a strong following. Their band launch was very different from the sit down dinner of the Funatik Mas band I attended the night before but fun none the less. At the moment this band is working with its local community (Thorton Heath) and Croydon Council to bring in the youngsters of the community into carnival using a 12 week programme teaching young kids and adolescents about carnival.


Flagz mas band launched at the box park in Shoreditch last year.  This year it was at Croydon boxpark; a nice space with a stage and seats and surrounded by shops. The audience could also have a nice view of the costumes from the upper level.  The Flagz team were very evident and helpful, getting the last minute bits and pieces ready. There were quite a few media teams at this launch; Trinis in London, Worl Mag, Vkamz, Flagz in house photographers and others.

The launch went ahead more or less to time with performances from Stringer and Terrah Dan on first. Always like seeing Terrah Dan perform.  The theme for Flagz Mas Band this year is ‘Next Chapter’ celebrating ten years on the road. There is one section on the road for kids and two for adults.


First up came the kids section in white and blue designed by Leanne Tomlin

IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0530 IMG_0544IMG_0560

Next came the first adult section called the ‘Past’ designed by Sonya Dyer in orange and green.

IMG_0576 IMG_0532 IMG_0539 IMG_0565IMG_0541

The second adult section also designed by  Sonya Dyer is called ‘Future’. I quite liked the chest piece and mask of the male costume. I think I am developing a thing for these string cross over halter tops.  I saw it at the Funatik launch with Envy designs and I saw it at this launch.  It gives the top of the costume that extra bit of detail. I also liked the headpiece of the frontline costume.

And that was it! Launch done.  Was a good well turned out launch and I could overhear members of the audience choosing their favourites on the spot to purchase.


I am told Flagz Mas would like to thank De Core UK for the production of the ‘Past’ Section and Michelle Lucas for her artistic vision in producing the ‘Future’ Section costumes.

Please see FlagzMas Band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or for further information

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