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Ilovecarnivall goes to Canada for Caribana!!

Ilovecarnivall goes to Canada for Caribana!!

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I’m heading to Caribana carnival in Toronto, Canada for the first time! If I have to be perfectly honest I have not really been all that interested in going to Caribana although I have been hearing about it for years.  I’ve been told that you can’t drink on the road. And in my head, I am thinking ‘what kind of nonsense is this?’  But I’ve changed my thinking about it.  Let’s see what Caribana is about.

There are eight of us who will be going to Caribana. Most of us are from London but one will be joining us from Bermuda. We do the usual in this modern communication era. Start a whatsapp group.  Start discussing flights, accommodation, carnival bands, costumes.  We had to think about what band to join.  And it was a choice between Carnival Nationz and Saldenah.  In the end we chose Saldenah. I remained undecided about going for a very long time if I have to be honest. Really wasn’t sure if I would have a good time.  In the end I thought ‘Oh well, I will make it a good time, we will see’.

Bacchanalia Mas Band in England has really spoilt me with frontline and individual costumes. So I am frontline Sahara for Saldenah in the section by Karen Jones. Some of my group are also in this section.   Others have chosen costumes in other sections of Saldenah. I get in touch with The Goddess Experience for boots, hit Carnivalista for tights.  I bring my own glue gun cause, well I am not on my home territory and well… you never know.

I make a few contacts trying to get an idea of the fetes in carnival and the overall vibe thanks to Martin Jay. I want to get a range. I really want to show what carnival in Toronto is about. Most of the fetes, we get tickets for before hand.  My friends and I are ready and I’ll be meeting with my friend Jo (who was part of the group who I went to Grenada carnival with two years ago).  I’m finally excited.  I always get a serious rush experiencing something new, in this case, a new carnival.  Can’t wait to share my experiences with you.  Caribana, here we come!


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