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Ilovecarnivall goes to Cuba!!!

Ilovecarnivall goes to Cuba!!!

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Remember I said there will be times when I will write about events/places/ people which may not be completely not carnival oriented? This is one of them. Ilovecarnivall goes to Cuba! This has been another one of the places on my bucket list. Cuba. The old school cars, the architecture, the music, the people, the culture, the air of … sexy. You know what I mean? Picturing hot Havana nights with loads of rumba salsa dancing and rum. Yessss should be interesting.

I am also really interested about the culture and spirituality of Cuba. I have a few friends who are deeply connected with Cuba on a spiritual level due to their love for their country or the love of the religious aspect of Cuba. I would love to learn more about that and the very direct connection Cuba has to Africa. So off to Cuba I go.

I have two friends Ohaji and Michelle who were absolutely paramount in ensuring that I get the best and most authentic experience of Cuba… When I tell you Ohaji hooked me up, it’s no joke.

So off to Cuba I go.  From Cuba, Ilovecarnivall will be heading to one or two other islands in the Caribbean. Want to keep up with me?  Keep an eye out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for articles, photos and videos…  Join me on my adventures…


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