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Ilovecarnivall goes to Japan for Carnival!

Ilovecarnivall goes to Japan for Carnival!

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Time for something completely different. Yes. Soca and carnival Caribbean style has reached Japan. My interest was piqued last year when I saw a video of what looked like a carnival route and people getting on bad in a fete to soca. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan anyway so I thought, ‘I’m going’. Contacted Kegon and the Soca in Japan team straight away and started things moving.  When telling others about my plans, sometimes I was met with ‘Japan have carnival????’ Yes our Caribbean culture has gone that far. They also have a huge following for reggae and dancehall.  Chronixx was there very recently. These days I won’t be surprised at all if I hear some Eskimos in Alaska are in an igloo jamming having a soca fete.  At the very least it would keep them warm.  But I digress.

Last year, participating in show casing the Caribbean concept of carnival in Shanghai China with Elimu Mas Band, was a wonderful experience. This year, off I go to the land of the rising sun, cherry blossoms and forward thinking technology to check out the soca and carnival scene over there.  Should be interesting.  I can’t wait to see the fusion of these cultures! Speaking to DJ Daiky and others, I am seriously excited. Machel Montano is also doing a tour there around that time.   I go with two friends of mine from London UK.  How about if I let you know how it goes?


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