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Ilovecarnivall goes to Las Vegas for carnival!!

Ilovecarnivall goes to Las Vegas for carnival!!

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Carnival in Vegas.  I heard about it and thought ‘Ok, this should be interesting’.  A carnival in the party capital of the USA?  Sounds like it will be an experience and a half!   It’s called the Las Vegas Latin Caribfest so I am kind of expecting a different vibe, maybe a Latin American influence to the carnival and fetes.

There are a couple of fetes lined up; a flag and army fete, an all white fete, j’ourvert and carnival on the road. I am hoping to have sometime to checkout one of the casinos and the activities that make Vegas, Vegas.

There are four of us heading over there and we line up an Air BNB. We did a 10 hour flight to San Francisco, then an hour and a half domestic flight to Las Vegas from San Francisco.  The ten hour flight went by really quickly.  There were some serious beautiful views going over Greenland and the flight attendants were fun and engaging. One in particular who lives in Vegas gave us many ideas as to what to do in Vegas.

My first impression of Vegas? Lights, loads of lights. We came in at night so haven’t seen much of the city. Our first fete for the weekend was the Rep Yuh Flag at Jammyland Reggae Lounge in the Art District of Las Vegas.  The organisers were very welcoming and that was nice.

Really loved the venue! It was a nice bar with a nice outside space and good lighting. The music was at a good level and I was expecting the police to come round any second to say turn it down. But the venue was in a district where noise was not a problem. The feters were enthusiastic and ready to get on! Tallpree was in the house and we are hoping to perhaps see him perform during the weekend.

So far,  Vegas and this carnival weekend has amazing potential!  Looking forward to see what the rest of the weekend brings! Next up, All White Fete!

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