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Island Mas Band Launch: Real Indulgence

Island Mas Band Launch: Real Indulgence

Mas Band Launches

Island Mas Band launches has its own unique culture.  However it starts, there is always vibes at the end.  And it is always a Grenadian vibe. When the Jab crew finally get on stage?  It’s always madness Grenada style.

The band launch was at The Royal Lounge in Wembley, London. It was a wait to get in. They weren’t ready in time. I got there at 22:20 and had to wait for about 25 mins before I could even get into the venue. I saw drinks going in and DJs going in whilst on the queue. Inside the venue was a big enough space to for the launch and a stage was set up. Around the edges of the hall, the various bands or sections were set up with their banners.

The overall theme was ‘Real Indulgence’. There were quite a few bands/or sections to be presented.  First up was Carnival Slayer’s debut as a carnival designer with Monday night Mas wear for Spice Mas 2018 (Grenada). Named ‘Cosmic Girl’ this was designed by Carnival Slayers and SC Designs. There was also an option of branded boob tube with knickers. Where for night mas in Grenada, it is mainly t-shirt based, these designs will certainly stand out.

Island Mas as the band itself presented T-shirt Section and Monday wear by two designers.

The first Monday wear option was designed by Flora from Mas With A Difference. As per usual Kimhia showcased the costume perfectly alongside the other model.

House of Zsa presented ‘Love Spell’ which were all pink leotards and attitude! Kamika strutted down the stage like only she can. I was hoping that House of Zsa would have brought out more costumes though like last year.  Was really looking forward to seeing more costumes from that team.

Diamontee Made’s presented ‘Majesty’  for this year designed by Tanya Parris.  With the crown headpiece, pearls, bling, you could see the theme.  The presentation was very much thought about.

Next was ‘Enchanted Designs’ by Riean Stewart. I liked the frontline.  So pretty and feminine. This was another team that paid attention to detail with their presentation; cotton candy trees, routine, the works.

PYS Carnival presented ‘Cocoa Luxe’ designed by Patricia Sawyer.  Loved the individual/ VIP piece, ‘Cocoa Fondant’   It was all chocolate and the one piece reminded me of a carnival extension of the woman in the movie  ‘Coming to America’.  If you’ve seen the movie, you will get it. Loved the attention to detail.

Amorous Mas presented ‘Midnight Passion’ designed by Kanez World. Loads of bling, you won’t miss it on the road.

The Island Mas band itself presented ‘La Vish’.   Blue Costumes with height and gold embellishments and there were various options.

Tantrum Mash Entertainment,new I think to the London carnival community presented  ‘Le Coq Noir’ (The Black Cock) . Giselle the presenter had loads of fun saying ‘Le Coq Noir’

Then, Jab made their appearance and that’s when the obviously organised chaos on stage. I think that teddy bear was scarred for life…

Island Mas has improved over the years with reference to costumes and presentation. Giselle as a host was good and I liked the variety of costumes presented. Two things though.  The air conditioning in the venue was not working. And with so many people there it was hot. People were fanning themselves. It was uncomfortable. And I was sweating like a pig.  So much so that a friend of mine saw me melting at the front of the stage and got me a bottle of water.

Secondly, with so many bands/designers, it is hard to keep track of who is who as the costumes come out. I am almost positive I have missed out a costume section or got the name wrong. My apologies. I liked what Ty did at the ‘Launch of the Bands’ and some others where the name of the band was placed on the screen during the various bands presentations.  That would been really helpful when there are so many options.  But the presentation has improved.  Some of the bands/companies gave a lot of thought into their presentation with props and routines. And some of the models did not come out to play at all. And from what I understand, some sections have sold out which is always good for bands!

For more information on this band, please visit Islandmas on Facebook and Instagram. Please note, some of the images in this article belong to Trinis In London (for PYS carnival and Tantrum Mash Entertainment).  Please visit their site to see a full album of the Island Mas Costumes presented at the launch.

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