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Lord Edit: The Usain Bolt of Video Production

Lord Edit: The Usain Bolt of Video Production


He is known as Lord Edit. As he has the speed of Usain Bolt for video production. In addition, he has worked with most of the top artists in the soca industry. We were introduced in Grenada during Spice Mas season and I could not pass up the opportunity to find out more about him.

What do you do?   Video production. I do music videos as well as touring and social media content. Presently, I am working with Patrice Roberts and other artists.

How did become involved in video production? I used to work at the radio station 96.1 WEFM in Trinidad.  That is where everything started. Before I used to do videos for boat rides and parties. One of my friends called and said ‘We want to develop this channel for TTRN (Trinidad &Tobago Radio Network Limited) which is 96.1 WEFM, 107.7. We want to do videos for it to develop the station.’ She brought me on board and every interview we shot, we would do creative things. That’s how my video career started and based on that, I met a lot of different artists who wanted to different work.  We did music videos for many artists.  Shal Marshall was more or less the first person I worked with as he worked at the station. So, the first gig I did was in Guyana with Shal.

How long have you been involved in video production?  Probably since 2011.

Everyone calls you ‘Lord Edit’.  This was the name given to me by Jaiga.  It was because the first day I started to work there, Jaiga… we shot something for him.  I edited it and put out the content in less than five hours.  And everyone was like ‘Yo, nah I cyah believe it. You know what we go call you?  We go call you Lord Edit’ [laughter].  I said, ‘Lord Edit? nah’.  But everyone adapted to it and I accepted it as my name.

Now that you are well known in the industry, do you take longer to edit your work? To perfect it? Nah I’m snappy! If we do a music video today, in two days, I will be delivering it to you. I don’t play. I don’t sleep on anything!  So that is why I will go home and start the editing one time. Or as soon as it is the next day?  The editing has to start. So, I have a foundation and we can see what we need to tweak.

What’s your style? Is there anything that would let us know, that is Lord Edit’s work?  I like… Well these days I work with Patrice Roberts.  Why her? Well she accepts me for everything.  I tour with her where ever she goes. That’s why I am in Grenada now. Patrice took me in and said ‘Yo this is your home’. I will forever be indebted to Patrice Roberts.

What style do you use for Patrice?  Well she is always the sassy, sexy type. That kinda vibe.  It all depends on the artist.  They come to me and tell me what they want, and we work with that.

Are there some basics a soca video must entail?  As I remember when Fay-Ann’s ‘Raze’ video came out, there was much criticism. I don’t think so.  You can do anything. I personally think that soca is involved in a lot of the major musical genres. They might not call it soca, but it is there.

Is there anyone you would love to work with? Well, I wouldn’t be able to say as I have worked with everyone that I have wanted to work within the industry that I am involved with, which is soca.

Would you ever work outside of Soca?  Of course! I mean everyone aspires to work with more international artists. But I know where my niche is, and I decide to work with that and make that work for me.

What are the challenges of your work? Sometimes the artists [laughter]. When you sometimes show them the first edit, they might say ‘Well I doe feel I smiling good enough in that’. And I might say ‘Don’t worry, let us put it out’.  So, the tweaking with the artists might be a challenging part.  But most of the time, they trust my judgement and they will run what I decide.

Are there any people who inspire you, who you look up to in terms of video production?  Darren Miller and David Meyers.  They are out of the box.  On international scale, they direct, and they shoot. And I look up to try and pattern myself on them.  But soca can be tricky as you know we don’t have the budget to support it.  But I try and work with everybody and try to bring the best product out of it.

What are your personal goals?  I just want to make the video production style a little bit more international for people who want it that way.  How do you make it international? Budget is one thing.  It always comes down to budget, but I have a lot of people I work with.  So, I try to always tweak it for whoever I am working with.  I try not to make money an issue. I want soca to lift up. I really want it to lift up.

What advice would you have for future young video producers? Try to not water down the budget for things. As creative as you might be, still try to get paid for what you are worth. We want to make sure that everyone gets paid.

Lord Edit seems like an easy going guy who loves what he does.  You could see it in his smiles and hear it his voice; the excitement talking about video production and wanting to work on projects asap, no ennui present there.  The conversation with him about his work left me feeling energized and inspired and wanting to get started on my own work. A great impression to leave behind.

All photos were taken from the instagram page of Lord Edit and with his permission. One photo was taken by @mirkopolo. For more information on Lord Edit, please visit lord_edit_ on instagram.



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