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Memorable Costumes for Notting Hill Carnival 2018!

Mas Band Launches

I think it’s fair to say that the band launch season for Notting Hill Carnival 2018 is done.  Ilovecarnivall personally attended 22 band launches and saw at least 30 bands/ companies in bands/sections in bands.   And I was just thinking back on what were my most memorable costumes. I have been asked that so frequently over the past couple of months. Some costumes, I may have liked and would consider wearing .  Or I may have thought ‘Ok I really like this but really and truly, this ain’t going to fit my body shape’.  Some may not have personally be ‘my style’ but there was something about it or the presentation which was memorable.  So in no particular order, here we go.

UCOM’s male costume.  This was the first male costume entitled ‘Zumanity’ in the UK to go for £1000.  Designed by Paul O.Donoghue. I always feel some designers place care into the male costume and Paul is one of them.

Burokeets ‘Mystic Firefly’. When people ask me do I have a favourite for this year’s  Notting Hill Carnival, I always say that I can’t choose. But this costume was one of the most memorable for me. I think the material makes it. Loved the material used and it did seem to fit the ethereal concept.

Wassiville presented ‘Siren’ mythical creatures of the deep.  Blue is my favourite colour. This costume stuck to theme so well and was a firm favourite.

Lovena for Chocolate Nation presented ‘Lotus’. I think for me the presentation of these with Kamika and Vanisha coming out together helped to make this section even more attractive.

Flora of Mas With A Difference pushed boundaries for Notting Hill carnival in her individual with lights on the wings of her costumes and of course the body work was lovely.

Xtreme UK presented ‘The Guardians’.  For me this one took me by Surprise.  I wasn’t really expecting this level of costume for this band. But a new designer for this band brought Xtreme into more focus for me.

DUKA Mas Dominik brought the creole in mix and gave us ‘Kweyol Madras’ costumes. Was such a pleasure to see madras represented in costumes in the UK.

Legion Mas. Melissa Simon-Hartman is not new to controversy for her designs and her collection for this year was no exception. She presented ‘Afro Deities’. Her costumes are beautiful, loads of attention to detail and she always stick to theme.

Colours UK came strong for their debut for Carnival Monday in introducing designer Marie Collette’s ‘Mania’

D’Riddim Tribe. That costume.  D’Riddim Tribe stepped up with that costume. Designed by Marelle Steblecki, the wings are hot, the colours are hot. The costume is hot.  I need to go see this one on the road.

Bacchanalia’s fan costume. Designer’s Kelly-Ann and Douglas John presented ‘Choho’.This costume is beautiful. Full Stop. It suck to theme and created impact.  Photography by Rene Connage-Durant.

Envy Designs presented ‘Lust’, a private section for Funatik Mas. It’s colour, it’s bold. it’s bling and height. Will not be mised on the road.

JuCeRae’s debut costumes ‘Cold as Ice’  for Tears Mas Band certainly caused a stir!  The wings are serious!!

PYS Carnival presented VIP ‘Cocoa Fondant’. All those brown feathers and gold. It looked rich and decadent. And Chocolate.

There are other designers who also should be mentioned.  Nat Elegance, Miracle Precious and Michaela Huggins have some good work too.  And there are others which I haven’t mentioned here.  All of the above designs with the exception of one ‘Marie Collette’ are by London based designers.

Yo! The London Carnival Scene has talent. Amazing talent. And they are getting better every year. The designers here are pushing the boundaries with regards to the art of making mas, sticking to theme and execution of design.  Anyone who thinks London UK has nothing to offer is doing a serious disservice to the designers and the London Scene.  And it’s kinda insulting to the designers really who do great work. That’s why I urge the London scene to attend the mas band launches, see what is out there, review. Learn more about the bands and designers. The London Carnival is scene is getting international recognition and people are taking note of the London designers.  Already, I can’t wait for next year’s designs!  I may have missed some… What was your most memorable costume presented for Notting Hill Carnival 2018?




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