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Models of Notting Hill Carnival Band Launch Season 2018

Models of Notting Hill Carnival Band Launch Season 2018

Mas Band Launches

The carnival models of London UK bring the designers costumes to life!  Ilovecarnivall over the years have seen them model during the band launch season for Notting Hill Carnival.

Obviously, Andrea Cha CHa with that health fitness body is always a scene stealer.

There is Jalicia, Kimhia, Rianna and Rayy  who can work the carnival catwalk and sell costumes. For me the above have been the staple of the London Carnival model circuit for a couple of years and I always notice them, what they do on the catwalk and the costumes they wear.  It’s more than likely that these ladies will ALWAYS be modelling a frontline or individual costume. Then there are others which I have taken more notice of this carnival band launch season as they have been either been working more or they have just sparkled.

Rochelle Davis has been working hard…

DJ Katash has been working a lot this season and her smile is so infectious on the catwalk! Look out for my interview with her.

Hollie Marie – She’s been working as a model as well for a couple of years now.  But this year, she sparkled.  The way she showed off that yellow costume at the colour’s launch?   Pure fire!

There’s one male model when I think of his catwalk I just laugh. The guy for Dominkia.  He was having a blast and showing the costume every which way. Loved his own personal style.

Then there was this model, fuller figured.  I don’t even know her name.  But the catwalk was all hers. Dripping with confidence in her skin and I dare anyone to say she didn’t kill it!

And there was this other full figured model at the RDR band launch. She killed it. Resurrected it and killed it again. With that  ‘No F**Ks given, take me or leave me’ attitude.

Kamika. She sparkled this band launch season. Her energy on the catwalk. She looks like she is having so much fun on the catwalk and love being in any costume she wears. The camera loves her and she knows how to work the camera. She can make people part with their money all how.

Then there is this model Dujonna who seemed to come out of nowhere and now she’s everywhere. I first saw her at the RDR band launch. She’s all chocolate gorgeous. Then she was at Island Mas then Chocolate and doing other bits and pieces.  She ain’t going nowhere and I am sure we will be seeing more her next year.

There were many more models whose names I didn’t know but who all helped to showcase the talent of the London Carnival Community!

For more video images, please see instagram.




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