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Soca GLOW 2014

Soca GLOW 2014

Carnivals, Europe

The SOCA GLOW FETE in Berlin is huge. Huge in reputation, huge in numbers, huge in energy!  And this fete keeps on growing in direct proportion to the ever increasing numbers of revellers attending Berlin Carnival.

So we leave for Glow at 23:45 (quite early for us) as we thought we really didn’t want to be waiting in a very long queue. As it turns out, we got there at a good time (same place as the BBQ) and immediately I am loving the atmosphere! Why?  One of  the small rooms to the right of the entrance is playing  Kizomba!! I love dancing to kizomba! Love love love it! I lingered in there probably longer than I should dancing away. And I lost most of my peeps who went into the main venue! Ah well, figured I would find them again.


his venue has a bit of a setup whereby you have to go through one room, in this case the room where they played reggae/lover’s rock/bashment to get to the main arena where the soca concert would be held. Now if you don’t know I am in heaven okay? You have soca, reggae AND kizomba all in one venue? I am in heaven.

Moving from the reggae room to the soca arena, you’re immediately drawn into a sea of white! White shorts, shirt, skirts, t-shirts, play suits, dresses. Well with the exception of us rebels in neon.  Hey it said Glo.  Neon=Glo. And no we are not dutch but we loved the t-shirt and it glowed! so voila.

No warm up acts(unless I missed them), just the DJ’s playing for a while and the Boom! Machel comes on stage.  No back-up, no fuss, just Machel doing what he does best.  The place goes nuts, flags a waving, people jumping up and down building a sweat.

Good performance by Machel. I saw him in Amsterdam a week earlier and to be honest, I kind of felt it was a bit better then.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, it just felt that the Amsterdam crowd were more hyped.  But then again we are talking about the home of the Dutch Soca Lovers. And I am probably conducting some form of blasphemy when I say that they are one of the maddest soca crews I know in Europe.

So once Machel is over, people either drift to the reggae room or to lime outside, catch up, have informal reviews on Machel’s performance and the Berlin weekend so far. Sun has been up for a while now.  Time to head back to the hotel for a few hours before we hit the road for carnival.  Yup once again, the numbers of the crew that left for the concert is smaller than the ones returning.  But no worries.  They will find their way back.

My best memories of this day?  A newbie to Berlin carnival saying ‘Rass all of dis in Berlin?’ and finding kizomba at Glo!!!!

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