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Soca on the Beach Afterparty

Soca on the Beach Afterparty

Carnivals, Europe

So after soca on the beach, there were two events to choose from (which was new, there is usually one event); The soca on the beach after party and organisers soca twins had a concert. It did split the soca community where to attend.  We opted for the afterparty. It was a nice party.  Not amazingly crowded or high energy. I guess most people were tired out from soca on the beach. There was a dip in the music when the genre was changed. But hey, new DJ back to soca and Boom, party energy was up again.

Towards the end, some of my peops disappeared as they usually do. No surprises there. So getting to the hotel crazy hours of the morning again, sun is fully up by then, have breakfast, then catch a few hours sleep before BBQ time.

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