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Soca on the Beach

Soca on the Beach

Carnivals, Europe

SOCA ON THE BEACH PARTY was the most recent addition to the Carnival Berlin weekend experience.  Last year it was a tremendous success! Roll on year two.

So disclaimer. It’s not really a beach ok? It’s near the river, there’s a large pool and sand has been transferred to the area to create a beach like atmosphere. And my does it work! And the weather was niceeeeee!!! Hot but not so hot as to make it unbearable. Entry fee 8 Euros. Was well and truly worth it. As it is held on the Friday afternoon, I know some of my friends missed out due to work obligations and were devastated. I enjoyed it on their behalf!

There’s something about soca music with the djs doing their thing outside, sand, half naked people and drink that always make these particular events electric and unmissable at every similar event I have been to internationally. And Berlin is no different.   All kinds of antics were going on! Dancing competitions, positions and waistline movements that made you stand and gape or just enjoy the sweetest of wines!

A LOT more people than last year! I’m sure the crowd was at least double the size! It sure felt like it. But that didn’t stop the enjoyment of the event.  My only nitpick was the bar.  There was only ONE bar!! Our soca people like to drink!! What’s with the one bar? One bar was not clearly not enough!! At one point the bar was five rows deep! It was ridiculous! Next year, they need at least TWO bars!  Other than that, soca on the beach did not disappoint. The crowd did not want to leave the venue, despite the music being shut down! 

Reluctantly the crowd left either move directly to or to the next party or go to their respective bases to shower, change and get ready for the next party. My friends and I chose to do the latter.





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