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Tempo Mas Band:  New For Notting Hill Carnival 2018.

Tempo Mas Band: New For Notting Hill Carnival 2018.

Mas Band Launches

Some bands just seem to creep up on me. This is a new band for the road and I was happy to attend their band launch.  But their band manager is by no means new to soca or carnival. This new band for Notting HIll Carnival is managed by DJ Icebergg of Rogue Element Sound, a man who is has deep knowledge of music and what appeals to the audience.  Tempo Mas aims to cater for between 190 -390 people for those 18 years and over.  The music on the road will be 100% soca. The music will attempt to have music from all the islands.




The band launch was held at Moustache Bar in Stoke Newington East London.  There was a small but appreciative crowd of people who wanted to support this new venture for DJ Icebergg and curious onlookers who wanted to see what his costumes will look like. The theme for Tempo Mas this year was Calypso Paradise with three sections. Paradise Dreams of blue was designed by Ali Amor.

The section Fever was designed by Miracle Precious who has been producing costumes for some time now.

The third section of black and gold was by Artemis.

It was a nice easy introduction for a new band on the road with different costumes. Modest safe designs with nothing overly revealing making you feel you have to rush to the gym one time.  The music I’m sure will be great and the customer service will also be good.  Will definitely will be passing through this band on the road.

For more information on Tempo Mas please visit, Tempo Mas UK on Facebook and Tempo Mas on Instagram. Images by VKams Photography for Ilovecarnivall.

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