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Tropical Fusion Mas Band 2019

Tropical Fusion Mas Band 2019

Mas Band Launches

This will be the third year for Tropical Fusion Mas Band at Notting Hill Carnival.  The band leader Dwayne Charles has dona a great job of growing his band and making it more visible.  He also organizes Tropical Fest which organises trips to Grenada and has been doing that for the past four years.  His market includes those from the US, Canada and of course the UK.

Tropical Fusion Mas Band is based in West London. The age range for the band last year was between 10-30 I’m told with a mix of West Indians and Africans as masqueraders. Soca is played mostly on the road  with ten minute intermissions which is a mixture of everything else.

The band launch was held at the club Dingwells in Camden.  It was a good space and there was a good crowd to see the band’s presentation for 2019.

First up was the Sunday wear which included branded monokinis.

Tropical Fusion presented a teenager section designed by Extraction Designs which is cute.

Island Explosion Mas designed the private section ‘Sunset Gold’.

The ‘Purple Reign’ section designed by Cunique. I liked the purple hinted with blue.

Amororus Mas produced the section ‘Yellow Belles’. I loved the backliner’s energy on stage.

One of my favourites with the ‘Mami Wata’ section by Pfe Freedom.  Loved the colours and monokini. Delphie and Leonie showcased this so well.

Topaz by Flora from Mas with A Difference brought the ultimate sexy and with Kimhia modelling it? It looked good!

Tropical Fusion Mas’ costumes have improved over the years and it was a good launch. I liked how they catered for teenagers as well in their presentation this year. Looking forward to seeing them on the road.

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