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WLOG 2: Schedule, Nessa Preppy


Week 1 of Lockdown 2.0 done.  This has a very different feel to the first UK Lockdown in spring.  There is  much more of a relaxed feel.  There is less general national anxiety in the atmosphere, well this is what I am feeling anyway. What I am also sensing is a lot of frustration.

So how  was my first week of lockdown 2.0? There was work to do. Nessa Preppy interview and more.  I have set up a bit of a schedule for myself to adhere to as much as possible. It includes exercise, work on ILC, reading and more.  So far week 1 was oookkkkkk. Some days I stuck to it and other days not so much.  But it gives the days structure and focus.

Conducted the interview with Nessa Preppy on the Thursday.   You never know with these interviews, how they will go. Especially with the artists who seem to have a bigger profile.  Will they show up? Will we be waiting half an hour before they come on and I have to fill in dead air? Will they take this seriously?  Being realistic, ILC is not the BBC. Yoooo if it was the BBC, you know the drill.  Everything would be on point. And looking on paper, the people who come on might think the audience at the mo is not big enough.  But there are avid fans out there.  So I always do my best, even for just one fan, I will do my best.

I was not entirely happy with the interview.  There were technical difficulties so it did not go very smoothly and was choppy. The live kept cutting off. But that is how it is with the live conversations.  Lives versus pre-recorded.  Fans and others who are interested do like the live interaction. And generally get good feedback.

So I will continue to do and give my best.  Let’s see what this week brings.

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