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I don’t know how this lockdown 2.0 has affected most people, but for me?  This week has been… hectic.  That’s my theme word for this week. Hectic.  Writing this now Sunday evening I have a sense of general exhaustion. I need a break, I know this.  But it can’t happen just yet.

You ever had such a hectic day that you wake up wondering ‘How the hell I am going to get through this day?’.  I had one of those days this week.  I am talking about a schedule that makes your head spin.  At the beginning of the day which began at 3:30am, it looked like a never ending series of tasks/events with no end in sight. And I was not feeling physically too righteous either (No, not corona).  How did I get through it?  Still not sure how I did.  But one part was really was just focusing on one task at a time and NOT looking TOO far during the day. It all got done and the day ended at midnight.  Was completely exhausted but there was a sense of accomplishment at the end.

In midst of all the tasks of this week, lots of great stuff happened which brought smiles to my face. I interviewed Ms Desire this week which was a nice interview.  She knows her stuff, is a seasoned pro and has great direction. I think she just needs that Onnnnnee song to breakthrough.  Rooting for her.

BTS dropped their ‘BE’ album which I was really really waiting on.  Love this album. BAD. They really seem to capture the general world and individual feeling of 2020. The tunes are all bops but ‘Blue & Grey’ and ‘Dis-ease’ kill me dead.  Horizontal. Would love them to get a Grammy.   ‘Blue & Grey’ is a Grammy tune right there.  They deserve it.

Ilovecarnivall hit 10K on Instagram!!  Yassssss.  In the space of 1 week, Ilovecarnivall got 500+ followers.  I am grateful and feel blessed.  Still can’t believe it. I’m a bit suspicious though. Are they BOTS? I am waiting a few days before I give thanks. Let’s see how the numbers stabilize.  There are some ILC projects I need to work on.

We will see what this upcoming week brings.



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