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WLOG 4: Procrastination, procrastination.


My general productivity has waxed and waned this past week.  There are parts of ILC work I have been seriously focused on.  There are other parts I am still procrastinating about. And in my mind, I’m really trying to pinpoint what’s that about. Why am I procrastinating so much over this one thing?  Maybe it means starting again from scratch which makes me mentally sigh. Maybe I don’t feel skilled enough to do it. But it has to be done. We will see.

I’ve felt really blessed this week.  In different areas.  It’s amazing how some people are so supportive and really go out of their way for you, for your idea, people you least expect.  But this week too, I’ve had to ‘react less emotionally’ to people as an artist said in an interview this week. People are where they are in this 2020. I need to react less emotionally and give distance if necessary.

Tell you what though,  over this 2nd lockdown, I feel that my mind has been seriously working again. I’ve been flexing those brain muscles; learning and appreciating new very different ideas/creations/experiences in different new fields.  And I love it.  It has been a serious cognitive rush.  And there are things I defo want to continue doing. Let’s see what this week brings.

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