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WLOG 5: Interviewing and wing Chun


The week gone was a bit of a good reminder for me; of some aspects of my life that I had forgotten about which I value so much.

I was requested to do some interviewing of UK soca artists with a team at a studio in North London over the weekend.  It was so much fun being part of it; the setting up, the interviewing and just the general banter of the guys.  This reminded me of what I like about having conversations and speaking to local artists.  I like listening to the journey and unique struggles of singing soca within the UK.  And they do not give up. It is inspiring.

A second very important thing which came out of the interviewing recording session for me was Wing Chun.  I haven’t done wing chun consistently in yeeeaaaars, I mean spar with someone.  I do practice the punches at the gym and parts of the form but haven’t done Chi Sau in a very long time.  I got to touch hands with a guy who has also practiced wing chun in the past.  And it was so much fun.  I genuinely felt happy in the chi sau process. The sensitivity was still there and the techniques just flowed. I didn’t have to think about them.  Muscle memory? Maybe. It felt so good. Kinda felt like I was coming home. It reminded me how much I miss wing chun. Wing Chun makes up  part of the core of who I am.  Learning and practicing the techniques, the regular training with the guys.  I hadn’t lost my skills entirely. I grinned so much afterwards. I need to get back to that part of my life.

The upcoming week is going to be tight.  There are two interviews for Ilovecarnivall this week. I am thinking about those and really attempting to diversify the people I speak to with different roles and backgrounds in the music and carnival industry.  There are quite a few other things I have to wrap up. I forsee really late night working this week.

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