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WLOG- The Beginning


‘PEOPLE DON’T READ ANYMORE’.  A friend said that to me. ‘There is no point in writing, people are into videos’. In a way he is right. Reading has lost popularity.  People consume at a much faster rate and seem to have less patience for reading. There needs to be more visuals than just the black and white written word. There’s a 3 line window. Then interest is lost.  It is said ‘Content is king’. If content is king, video content is emperor at the mo. Doubt me? Check out the popularity of the social media platform Tik Tok which is all about video content (Gotta admit though, I am kinda hooked on Tik Tok).

I love writing and reading. It is my creative outlet and I get lost in other microcosmos and universes. For me then, the question then remains ‘Do I forget about my passion because it is no longer popular or do I continue because it is MY passion?’ Is it valuable because others place value on it or because I consider it valuable?  I make it valuable.  It is valuable to ME.  I choose to continue my passion. If others like it great! If others don’t, it still remains valuable to me.

So begins my (writing logs) WLOGS. I will buck the trend and go back to what like, especially in this 2020.  Oh there will still be video content and other forms for Ilovecarnivall. But I think I will take up writing again. I lost that along the way. This is the first of my WLOGS.  I am going to try to make it weekly but we will see.

2020 has been a crazy roller coaster ride of a year. Corona, lockdowns, carnivals cancelled, Black Lives Matter, Women Marches in South America and Poland, Trump being defeated, The First POC American Female Vice President. And so much more that do not make the headlines.  It’s been a lot. The world was brought to a halt and almost seemed to be called to account for everything that we let slip or forgot about.  There is a bright shining flashlight on everything.

For me the first lockdown in the UK in April was slightly overwhelming.  OK. That is such a huge understatement. It was disgustingly difficult.  Most people devastatingly and tragically lost their lives, lost their jobs or their everyday to and fro movements. My workload seemed to double almost overnight. Some of it was uncontrollable from my formal work.  Some was my fault as I wanted to help others more, give more to the community. I lost two of my passions/outlets in one swoop; carnival and travel.  Those two losses might seem minimal and superficial to most but for me, it gave my life much needed balance. Those losses hurt so bad. The scales were tipped too much on one side. It felt like someone had chained this massive iron ball to my leg, keeping me grounded and shackled against my will. I’m a prisoner and innocent! This forced a drastic change in mindset and reset for me. I had to adapt, reflect inwards, focus on the positives, what I could control, what I could continue with.   Initially, I stripped my life down even further to rebuild.

You know what? 2020 has been for me the biggest blessing in disguise. It pushed against my personal boundaries in every direction.  This has been one of my greatest years of learning in all aspects. For Ilovecarnivall, I was forced to do one thing I really did not want to do; INSTA LIVE interviews.  Urgh. You have no idea how much I was against this.  But I did it and honestly?  It’s not that bad.  I reviewed and gained more focus.  I spent more time in my home and learnt to love my space even more and make it more ‘me’ you now?  Rather than exploring other countries, I explored my immediate surroundings and saw the beauty there.  The genres of music I now to listen to has expanded so much.  And this is so funny, not ha ha funny but surprising funny. When I needed reassurance, needed reminding about certain aspects of me and self love, when I needed that kick in the ass to keep going?  It didn’t come from my usual listening music genres. It’s true what they say. The music finds you when you need it the most.

So this is the first weekend of Lockdown 2.0 in the UK.   There will be more of the same but there will be a lot I will be doing differently this time round.  I’ve set more goals for myself; immediate and long term.  Some I think might take the rest of my life to achieve.  But I begin now. 8/11/2020





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