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Woohoo!!  Kilimanjaro Baby!! Preparation

Woohoo!! Kilimanjaro Baby!! Preparation


So it is done! Woo hoo!! My new adventure starts on the 3rd of October! Kili here I come! (Check me out.  Abbreviations and everything).  A friend of mine Kelly is coming too!  One or two others are thinking about it. But here it is. One of my long held dreams is becoming crystallised into reality! This feeling I have right now? I just can’t completely put it into words.

Kelly and I  will be doing the 7 day climb via the Manchame Route (known as the whisky route) from Tanzania.  There were other routes including the Marangu Route (called the coca cola route due to its popularity).  However statistics show that the Marangu Route has the least success rate of completion. So the whiskey route it is. As well as the climb, I will  be doing a Safari which will take in the Lake Manyara and Tarangire national parks. Then off to Zanzibar for a well deserved rest afterwards! Oh my gosh, I am so excited! How many people get to do this?

I did loads of research looking at various companies, the all inclusives, English and American companies and even thought about perhaps developing a customised package. In the end, settled on an all inclusive package with They are the best! The sales manager Neil answered all our many many phone calls and emails.  He was very informative and friendly. We even got a discount! This package includes everything; flights, hotel transfers, accommodation, everything.  All I have to think about now is getting in shape.

I have been reading many articles, company recommendations and blogs.  Seems like one does not have to be super tough mudder fit to complete the climb. It is more about endurance, stamina, acclimatisation. We will be walking for hours. The task is to get used to the walking. So if you see me in the next couple of months walking around London town or the outskirts at some ungodly hour, I am not crazy and I am not drunk and lost my way.  I am in training!! As a friend taught me,  ‘pole pole’.

Kili Rongai


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